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I'm definitely interested in this project.  Thanks for offering!


I've built a couple of cmoys, a tube preamp kit from Paia, and done some (very) modest amplifier refurbishing.  My most recent, and extremely easy project, was an L pad resistor circuit for powering headphones using power amplifier speaker outputs.  I'd be very happy to try your kit out next, and if you let me build it I'll certainly show it around at a Winnipeg head-fi meet or two, and write my impressions here.  :)

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Experienced DIYer building Hi-Fi and instrument amplifiers.

I have professional soldering station and prototyping experience.

I have four guitar amplifiers under my belt, 2 Hi-Fi tube amplifiers, and 7 headphone amplifiers, all built by me, since I started in 2003 while still in high school.

Build list:

Marshall 1958 18W Lead replica

Fender 1954 Tweed replica

Marshall 1996 VS30R upgrade circuit

Kingston 18W vintage kit

Fischer KX200 replica

McIntosh MC275 replica

4x AMB mini3


Cavalli-Kan Kumisa III



Since then I've earned two engineering degrees in college.

And most important of all, I enjoy my hobby!

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I'd love to get one, I havent built anything lately... 


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i'm interested!! i've build couple cmoys, pimeta, gainclone, etc. not to mention headphone, and iem recabling, and diymod too biggrin.gif


please count me in..and send me your most complex kit if it's still available..

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Unfortunately I'm not a 100+ head-fi'er, and I haven't had the opportunity to DIY much (though this is going to change very soon). Good luck to everyone who applies, and good luck to all who win (may you not break anything wink.gif).

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I think I qualify: www.hifiduino.blogspot.com

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Hello, I'm interested in building one of these please. Have built an AMB Mini3 and hundreds of cables!


Build it and they will come. I mean....send it and I will build :)

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Hi - I am very interested in these kits too. The kits looks very nice. I became a DIY'er last year and started building a Panda as my first project. The result was great and I like its sound and it was a thrill to listen to it for the first time. I have been looking into my next project for a while and this would be a great chance to try a new DIY project. Here is a picture of my Panda during assembly.



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I'm in! Thanks for giving away some of your kits!

I've been modifying some Bravo tube amplifiers lately and, even though I only started DIY'ing this year, I think I'm getting the hang of it. I have a lot of tools to work with and some very experienced electricians/DIY'ers in the family if I ever screw up. :D I also enjoy tinkering with about anything I can get my hands on and always fix my friend's smartphones if they break the screen or something. :) Looking forward to build a new DIY amplifier! Could use one too since all I'm using at the moment is my Headstage Arrow.

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Count me in as well. I just happened to be browsing the web for a DIY headphone amp. As a regular Head-fi visitor and DIY'er I feel I should have an honoust chance in winning this kit. Heck, I even organized a meet in 2007.

About DIY experience: the most memorable item I built was a mixing console. But I also built a headphones amp (Meier based design incl. crossfeed and tone control), an electronic Leslie speaker effect, a noise limiter, a Wahwah pedal and other guitar effects, a stereo expander and lots of other stuff. it's not that much if you consider I've been burning my finger tips on a soldering iron for over thirty-five years. Fact is, I've never built something with a small footprint. I always draw the lines on the circuit board with a pen. that's why I was looking for a ready to use circuit board for this otherwise straight forward device.

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i'm interested in this little Diy Project :)

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Would be fun doing another DIY project. I have previously assembled the hifiDIY Panda-kit which was very rewarding both in building it and hearing the result. Besides that, i have also done a couple of custom cables and headphone recable jobs and mods.

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I build cables (headphone recables, etc), amps (Gainclones, PASS, etc), speakers, guitar pedals, (and soon) guitars.

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I'm interested!  I need to try a dedicated headphone amplifier to compare to some of my existing stuff.


I'm an electrical engineer by training, although I do the software side primarily these days.  I've built and soldered any number of things, including a custom fuel injection system. I also have done some wood, and carbon / fiberglass work with the woodworking to a very nice level of finish, so I'm capable of doing nice detail level work on the case

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I'm new to DIY and I think thats what its all about..learning how things work and trying new projects. I've built some crossovers, worked on restoring and modding several pair of Grado headphones. I built lots of amps when I was younger and some speakers kits recently. I'd love to build one of your kits. PM me anytime with any questions or to ask for my shipping address. This would be fun!!!! Thanks for the oppurtunity...beyersmile.png

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