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I built a Pete Millet Jonokuchi and an AMB ß22/σ22 set and have 10+ years soldering experience. I'm all for a new challenge, so I'd like to toss my name in the hat. Thank you for the opportonity!



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I'm 17, but you could say I've soldered a couple of things together. cool.gif No portable amplifiers, though. In fact, I have no amp right now to pair with my DAC, so this giveaway would be really beneficial to me.

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Built a mini3 and various CMOYs for friends, so I know a thing or two about soldering.


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DIY experience :

Audio : Built a few audio filters and crossovers during learning stage of soldering .

           Modded my Altec Lansing MX5021 speakers.(involves re-soldering major capacitors,installing op-amp sockets  and recabling etc.)

           Repaired my Clabs cmoy amp .


Have built a few other small electronics projects as part of current Electronics engineering course and two major projects based on GSM modems and micro-controllers .


Would be interested in the DIY kit only if its of practical use to me , as in can be used with my current  Denon AH-D5000 headphones or RE-262 earphones which have high impedance and need some power to be driven to their best .


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Please join me in, I have DIY skills and if they aren't enough we have master DIY builders here to help me out.

We've built amps like the TTVJ Hybrid Minimax and replaced the capacitors on our C&C X02 amps. 

We also create our own LODs and ICs and mod headphones into different recables and input jacks.

For instance, recabled a Grado into single-ended detachable cable input. 


I see there are 3 types of the amp, how do we know which one is which?



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My son (11) a budding audiophile (who loves ac/dc) is currently learning to solder on circuit boards.  After watching me work on audio stuff and helping me solder boards on his RC cars he got a am/fm radio build kit and loves to solder.  he also recently learned to use a multi-meter (kinda new for me too).


It would very cool help him build his first amp! 


Thank you for the opportunity


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I'd like to be considered. My father is an electrical engineer and with his expertise we rebuilt my '64 Westinghouse console tube amplifier. I've also done soldering work when rebuilding turntables. I've been collecting parts to build a cmoy, so this would be great!
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I'm currently in college for computer engineering and have been bit by the DIY bug bad. Last year a built a minimax, recabled my k601s, and made a couple of cables for my system. I bought a digital, temperature controlled iron and have gone nuts soldering recently. This summer I've built an opus dac from twisted pear, which included a dual differential dacs, ballsie output stage, and a metronome arsc, and have the parts for an EHHA incoming. On top of minor things like repairing car key fobs when the battery holder had come un soldered and repairing ripped cabled from my compute'rs microphone.

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Would love to be given the opportunity to build one of these.


Started with a Cmoy and have since built a Pimeta, CKK111, MIllett Max, CTH and a Bottlehead Crack as well as a couple of Bantam DAC's.

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There are three kits:

1. MRK1: Modfly RA1 DIY Headamp Kit,

2. MCK1:Modfly Cmoy DIY Headamp Kit,

3. M47:Modfly 47 DIY Headamp Kit.


One of a Kit:
Each part individually wrapped, easy, respectively.
Very easy to weld and install. Can enjoy the music.
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Is the 47 like a gainclone?

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Modfly 47 .

Power part of the fully corrected, more suitable for 9V battery as power supply.

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Ah, that's awesome! Hoping I get that one.

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Thanks for the free stuff. Can you send it next day air?

I hope that solder and battery are included.

If not, I dont want it, you can give mine to nikongod.


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