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Koss KSC75 headband mod?

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Does anyone know which current headbands will work with the KSC75?  I have seen some threads on this topic but most seemed at least a couple of years old and I don't think some of the headphones mentioned are sold any longer.  The only one that I could find that was mentioned and still available was the one from Parts Express but I figure there must be some others?  Does anyone know if the headband from the Sony MDR 110LP will work with the KSC75?  Just from the looks I thought it might.  Thanks.

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you mean this?


and I know the portapro headband fits perfect.

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Unfortunately, the shipping is kind of steep for those headphones.


Here in Silicon Valley I've been able to find similar old headphones at Weird Stuff Warehouse (sorry, none there at the moment) for about $1 each.


It seems like there's an opportunity here for someone to track down a wholesale supplier of these things and part 'em out, selling off just the bands.



$1.81 quantity 50-499

Free shipping over $98

Free lifetime techsupport! smile.gif


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What headband are you guys using these days? My local Dollar store has a headphone similiar to the Parts Express one for $1. When I go back to look at it, how do I know if it will work with the KSC75? Thanks.

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