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Shure E2C replacements

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Hi, I've been using the E2Cs for a while to listen to lossless files on an ipod. With a little EQ adjustment I like the tonal balance, but I've recently found that I can't wear in-ear 'phones without some discomfort, and I prefer a little interaction with my environment. Also, the top end of the E2C seems to be somewhat edgy.

I bought a pair of Sennheiser 218s, without hearing them, and what a disappointment, overly warm, stodgy and congested.

I would like a portable headphone, as much under £100 as possible, that has a similar tonal balance to the Shure E2C, but is not an in ear type, and preferably open backed.

What suggestions do you have?

My main head phones are Alessandros driven by a Meier Cantata headphone amp, and I do like that sound.

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Any suggestions??

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Hi tkimages


Not sure about your specific requirements, its the Shure comparision that throws it for me!


Under £100, open back and you like the Alessandros - why not take a look at the SR60i - it comes with a 3.5mm jack for portables and is V E R Y open as you'll know!


There are others in that price range that are open, but compared to your Shures......take a look at iheadphones or hifiheadphones.


BTW love some of the pictures on your website. 



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