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IEM's for aggresive music?

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I tend to listen to more aggressive music like electro dubstep, hard rock, metal etc. Im looking for a pair around: 80-150$. Obviously i want that deep bass but still tight and controlled and those clear warm highs. Ive looked at the cyclone pr2, klipsch s4 among others but there is just so much choice its a little overwhelming. If you could give some recomendations that would be great. thanks for your help! :)

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Well, if you can find yourself an old Klipsch Custom 3 set, it would fair well.  I would normally recommend the Triple.Fi 10 for anything techno due to it's powerful presence and low and high emphasis.  However, if you're looking for warm treble, they aren't really geared that way.  While the treble is sweet, it is also a dominant part of the presentation.  Still, it is one of the most fun and often the best bang for the buck high end earphone on the market.


There are certainly a LOT of choices out there, and $150 brings a whole lot of great products into view.  What you buy mostly has to do with your personal preferences in sound.  We all have our preferences, and unfortunately everyone's preferences are different.  It's why we have so many options out there.  It's also why picking the right product can be so very hard.


To help us, I would like you to go into a little more detail about how you like your sound.  You say you want deep bass that's tight and controlled.  Do you want emphasis on the low end, high end, prefer balance?  Is it alright if the bass is the dominant part of the presentation?  Basically would you mind recessed mids and possibly recessed highs too in favor of strong bass presence?  You say you want warm highs.  In what way?  Warm highs can come in a variety of ways.  For example, an earphone with a rolled off frequency response will come across warm on the high end.  However, treble that is smoother and more laid back will also come across warm.  Roll off typically means the treble will lack air and sparkle.  You may retain good energy, aggressiveness in note, and maybe even high detail, but that shimmer and sparkle won't be there.  A smoother, more laid back top end can retain that air and sense of effortless extension, but it will sound more mellow, less aggressive, and smoother in details.  These are trade-offs, and you will have to decide what kind of trade-offs fit your preferences better.  It's in these details that help us point you to really well fitting earphones.  The more information you can give us, the closer we can get you to your ideal.

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What's your source? Portable? Ipod? You mentioned looking, have you listened to anything?

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