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FiiO X3 docking ideas

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Is there any way to find out the capability of the FiiO dock connector?


Been thinking of an idea.  Imagine you have a Storage dock for the X3.  The X3 docks to a box with the proprietary connector that contains a removable 2.5" HDD.  The box is the same dimensions L x W x H as the E9.  The HDD box has a spring loaded connector that will enable it to be either stand alone and power itself, or dock into the E9 to use the E9's amp.




Sorry for the awful mock-up.  This would show what it would look like.  You would be able to use much of the materials from the E9 dock to create the HDD dock.

Firmware and power might be a problem.  Perhaps use a cheap SSD instead of an HDD?  Perhaps use SD cards instead of SSDs?

Would this be a great item for the X3?  It might create the truly portable rig and give something extremely unique to the FiiO family?  Great for the hotel audiophile or provide an extremely portable unit for office/remote usage.




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X3 can be docked into our E9, but we had not prepare a connector I/O for extra HDD or other device. 

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Thank you so much for the response!  I will still love to get the X3!

Good luck to you and I hope this can be used sometime in the future.


Thank you.

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