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What kind of phone do you have and what apps do you use on a daily basis?


I'm running on an iPhone 4.


The apps I used daily are Instagram(I like the effects), Maps(I travel alot), Wells Fargo(Always good to keep track of your money), Yelp(I love finding new places to eat), GasBuddy(To try and get a deal on gas), and the only game I've been playing is Overkill(since it's the type of game where you can pick it up, play a quick game and put it down).


What do you guys use, and do you have any suggestions?

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Too many apps to count... Pandora, facebook for starters. I've kinda given up on buying iphone apps though and moved to mostly iPad ones.

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WhatsApp, Tweetbot, Instapaper, Reeder, Maps, Dropbox, Camera+, Seamless, Instagram, FlightTrack, Deliveries, Recipes, Things, Transporter, Uber, With...


Oh, and 1Password.

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Android phone (HTC Inspire). I use Dolphin HD, Gmail, Handcent for texting, Springpad, Evernote, Sports Talk, NPR News, StumbleUpon, and Beat the Traffic frequently. I also have tons of other apps related to specific interests (astronomy and photography especially) that I use less frequently.


The only app I've purchased is Swiftkey, which I really like. All my other apps are free.

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Evernote is another one I've started to use more and more of late. It is pretty awesome. :D

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Nexus s. It has a wolfson chip with supercurios control app (bought it) it can drive 600 ohm hp's. Love the stock android on this phone.
Squeezebox controller app. Poweramp (awesome player) , rootexplorer, listen podcast player, and a few more!

Couldn't live without a smartphone or a good portable player. In my nexus I've got both.

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I love my HTC Desire S with Android Gingerbread - speedy, great camera and nice resolution (even if it's not the more robust HTC HD). I use Picplz (Android's version of Instagram), Retro Cam, Dropbox, Tripit, Facebook, Skype and

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iPhone 3GS

Favorite apps


Mobile Terminal, Pandora, IFile, Cut the rope,byline


all great apps.

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iPhone 4.

From my multitasking list:

twitter, mail, foursquare, maps, engadget, safari, alien blue (reddit client), shazam, messages, linkedin (hahaha?), facebook

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