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Klipsch S4's I'm talking about. I mean look at my sig I have owned many good and I do mean good headphones and I can't get over how much I am digging these unmapped out of my 4g iPod touch. After being robed and striped to nothing has me going back and recently suffered with a pair of skullcandy ink'd buds I stepped up to the Klipsch. Now I know they are not as transparent as some people want but for sub $100 iem's not bad, not bad at all. Now I do recall from memory how I loved my Grados so I think that is next because I remember them still kicking ass unmapped. Now if only I can find somebody with a soldering iron I can fix my e2c's so I can compare to that old Shure sound.

Oh ya btw can someone comment on the fit of the S4's fit as I have found that I was a medium with the Shures I actually use a large with the Klipsch. Also what would be your recommend for tip replacement as in the way of comply and whatnot.....Thanks