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New headphones to replace akg-701?

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Cord is shorting again so I want to get a new pair of headphones to replace these. I've had these for about 5 years. Before them I had the hd-580s which were nice.


I will mostly use them for PC gaming and listening to music via the PC. I have an XFI soundcard (might get a new, better soundcard down the line) and an old PPA amp. I'm considering the

Audez LCD-2 or the Sennh Hd650s. My concern with the lcd-2 is the weight because I wear these for a few hours at a time. The k701 use to hurt my head a bit because the ribs on the headband would press too much but now I forget i have them on. Hoping the same would happen with the lcd-2s.


The HD650 im figuring would probably be a slight upgrade from my current phones but not too much $. Any suggestions would be great.

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It seemsl like you're looking for a upper end. But I retired my K701's to trophy/display duty with the Shure SRH840 and to me the 840's sound better. Im not sure if that's what you're looking for, or not, but I'd personally try for the beyerdynamic 880/990, or the tesla, if you can afford it. To me the Tesla is simply amazing, except for the price. Or maybe the Grado ps1000 or the GS1000i

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