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Max seetings converting FLAC for CD?

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I have some FLAC files that I want to burn to CD for my brother. Standard CD format is wav correct?


Max has a couple of wav output options: wav (microsoft) and wav (NIST Sphere). Which of those do I want?

Also, there are then a series of available data formats, which of those do I want for standard CD output?

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Better idea: Drop those FLAC files into a program that can burn an audio CD. As long as the program can handle FLAC you should be fine. I know Nero can do it but I'm sure there are other, cheaper options.

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Audio CD format is not wave, it's a specific format called Redbook Audio. Your burner program should be able to understand FLAC and do the necessary conversion. I use CDBurnerXP here.

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Everything I have ever read says to convert to wav files for CD burning.

I am using a mac, Toast can burn CDs from flac files but its not free. There is a free app called Burn, but you need to convert the files to wav first. I'm sure Max can do this, just unsure of the right settings.

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If memory serves, the reason you have to convert FLAC files to WAV first is because QuickTime does not natively understand FLAC files and if I were to guess Burn uses CoreAudio and QuickTime to do the audio-conversion for burning.


If that's the case, you have two options:


1. Add FLAC playback to QuickTime (this means adding it to iTunes as well, incidentally).

2. Convert them to any QT-friendly lossless format. This includes WAV, ALAC or AIFF. Don't worry about the settings, one lossless file is going to give you the same results as another and will be converted again by the app anyway.


Of course, if you make everything ALAC you can use iTunes to do the burning.

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