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preamps and eqs

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okay, I need something that's going to allow me to hook up a cd player to both a headphone amp and something else (in this case a model 88 radio.....In other words, I need something that will take a single pair of rca inputs and allow me to use the source on two different objects...

I'm pretty sure a preamp would do this, but I'm also pretty sure that a preamp would do pretty much only this....I was wondering if there might be an equalizer that would do the trick cheaply....as, even if it was unused most of the time, would be a cool added feature....

I'm not wanting to spend a ton of money, but I was wondering what my different options to do this would be...

Finally...are there any good, cheap cd players that have two sets of RCA outputs? (I'm thinking no)

thanks for your input
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A preamp would be the logical option, however, you'll need 2 output from the Preamp, or you can use the tape loop. My Marantz amp has 2 tape loops, so one of them I use the "out" to my X-can.

A EQ wouldn't work, I have a 14 band Kenwood EQ but not used, it has 1 input and 1 output, so that won't work for you.

However my cheap Wharfedale DVD player has 2 RCA audio out.
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Try a Y-connector for each channel on your CD output. The CD player should be able to drive both.
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I think a y-connector could cause problems with the different loads... try a simple selector box, you can probably get one at radioshack.
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