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Denon AH-D2000 + FiiO e11?

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Im new to the audiophile world and I find myself in need of some help.


I want to buy the Denon AH-D2000 headphones to use with my iPod touch (forgive me for my blasphemy) and I would amp them with the FiiO e11.


Would this amp get most out of these cans or would they greatly underperform with this amp. Portability is of great importance to me so FiiO was the obvious choice.


Thx in advance.

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I have had the ah-d2000 for about 4 months now and recently purchased the e11. Whilst my main reason for buying the e11 was for some re262s (and re0s), I had a listen of the Denons with the e11 last night and they sound wonderful. I am not really qualified to give you an in depth description of the sound, but lets just say the deep Denon bass, slightly recessed mids, sweet treble and impressive (for closed cans) soundstage all come together and the e11 easily has enough juice to drive them. I think it is fair to say that you will enjoy smily_headphones1.gif

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thx that was very helpful. I received my e11 today in the mail and I have used them with my shure srh 440's. I must say they make them a lot more powerful and the bass boost is awesome with the shures. Im going to purchase my denons in about 2 weeks. I cant wait to hear them with my amp. Thx for your help griffter.

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Just adding to this thread from the summer.  I am running a Rockboxed 6G ipod classic into an E11.  This powers either a pair of Denon 2000s or Shure 315s.  Seems like a pretty enjoyable setup.  I can't identify anything particularly weak about this combo, and don't intend on trying.  Its good enough for me to enjoy the music on the go.  

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I'm using the D2Ks and reading this makes me even more excited to eventually get an E11. 

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Hey Post Rocks.


I have the Denon 2000s and i use both an iPhone 4 and a classic iPod 80 GB. I am considering a Fiio E11 or a Total Bithead, what difference do you hear with the Denons?





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Any comments welcome.

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