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Following on from what Fullcircle said.

Okay so you know the price of Materials, do you know the costs of marketing, the potential value of their brand image and company reputation, the costs of distribution and so on?


Let's not forget research and development costs.
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Like I said before.

It doesn't matter THAT much whether or not we are being 'ripped off'. If we're content with our purchase then its all good.
If billyjoegunrack's opinion is that "A $450 flagship product made in China is simply not acceptable" then he is entitled to it. 
Not our problem. Not our concern. Even though it may appear to be slightly racist, rude and arrogant. That's his belief and hes entitled to it. 

Don't really see the point in replying to him. I would just make an assumption that hes someone that has a superiority complex in thinking that hes the one thats "right". 

Anyways lets get back to topic haha. 

I've seen the prices of Final Audio Design, but never tried one.
Can someone tell me if they live up to the price?


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Hey Man, stop trying to bring this thread back on-topic! atsmile.gif

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Well I definitely won't mind the debate about prices for IEMs.

I mean within the Audiophile Niche, there are those that are skeptical about prices and such.
But outside of the Audiophile Niche most people view us as "Idiots" that spend outrageous amounts of money on "stuff to listen to music with" :P

Billy Joe is just someone that wants attention I guess. :P

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Hey Man, stop trying to bring this thread back on-topic! atsmile.gif


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Ah my apologies then.

What about the other points I stated?

Originally Posted by Billyjoegunrack View Post

The race card, really? That is pathetic, you can go screw.








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guise, i think he trol

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Doesn't really matter :P
I'm bored, so lets feed the troll.

Lets troll and troll. 

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guise, i think he trol


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