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For Sale: LCD2 Rev 1

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This Classified is Closed

For Sale:
LCD2 Rev 1

Will Ship To: Australia

Took delivery on 24th May, so lots of warranty left.


These are in excellent condition and come with the travel case and regular foam head-band. New-style ear-pads.


This pair is particularly comfortable with light clamping force. By far the most comfortable of the 3 LCD2s I've owned.


$900 shipped anywhere in Australia.


Direct deposit preferred.

Edited by Duckman - 8/11/11 at 6:12pm
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I've seen this set of cans and Duckman takes care of them! Shame upgrade-itis hit!

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Hey Shawn,


These ones are even newer. My second pair :-)


Upgraditis has indeed had its way again.

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OMG, second pair and you gonna buy your third pair?  blink.gif

Good luck on your sale normal_smile%20.gif

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Can confirm the quality of Duckman's LCD-2, I saw it today and it is in perfect condition, both aesthetically and sonically.


Great headphone for a very good price, someone pick this up!

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I sent you a message over on SNA. Hope to hear form you ;)

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