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For Sale: G&W TW-J1 Discrete SS Amp

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For Sale:
G&W TW-J1 Discrete SS Amp

Will Ship To: CONUS

This listing includes:

+ G&W TW-J1 Discrete SS Amp ( )
+ RCA and Power Cable for the Amp
+ Hot Audio DAC Straight ( )
+ All the cables necessary to connect the DAC and Amp together to a computer

More info: I bought these from member Grokit a few months back through this listing ( ) .  For opinions on how they sound, refer to Grokit's listing for information about that.  I've determined I'm an audiophile poseur so my opinions aren't worth much.

The DAC is velcroed to the top of the Amp, just fyi. Took the velcro off.  I've barely used these since I've gotten them so they are more or less the same condition as I got them.

Reason for selling: I find I use my AIAIAI TMA-1s 95% of the time.  I use my computer, mostly, with my Creative Titanium HD sound card.  Gaming is important to me so a USB DAC isn't an option as I need the CMSS-3d/Dolby Headphone.

I've also just graduated from college, so I am trying to lose as much stuff as possible to make the move back home easier and acquire more money for traveling.

Price is $SOLD for the amp within the CONUS via USPS priority w/ insurance and delivery confirmation.

BONUS DEAL: Purchase the amp with the Modded Grado SR225i's I have for sale ( ) for $SOLD total.

DAC has been sold.


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ygpm - interested in the DAC only if you wish to sell separately.

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