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Post your wallpaper!

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I just came back from "Post your Desktop" thread, and I thought it'd be nice if we could all share wallpapers we're using.


With more and more head-fiers uploading not-so-wallpaper-intended images on this thread, I am editing the OP to edit the original rule.

First of all, it remains that you post the actual wallpaper and not the screenshot of your desktop (Please upload the highest resolution available)

Also, please note that whatever you upload should not just be some random images you'd like to share, but actual wallpaper-intended images, and if not, at least those that are cropped/sized to be used as wallpapers.







Edited by juman231 - 9/5/11 at 10:22pm
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ok i can do that


moe 69393 sample.jpg


edit: right click and open in new tab for full resolution.

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Please read the OP before you post...

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Best character on the show. One of my favorite figures I own.

Originally Posted by bcasey25raptor View Post

ok i can do that


moe 69393 sample.jpg


edit: right click and open in new tab for full resolution.



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No one else wants to share his/her wallpaper? mad.gif

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Come on people, 59 views and not a single upload!


Another one:




Don't know where I got it from.. it was from long time ago..But its 1600x1200 so good enough.

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Ponyo is adorable.
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Well, since there is some Higurashi guess i'll post one of my favorites...higurashi.jpg

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It's my work laptop s



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1080p of Lara Croft (Anniversary).


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It would be kind of awkward to have an anime cast picture or something but I didn't really want anything too boring so I went with this. Anyone want to guess where it's from?


I'm getting kind of bored with it though so I'm probably gonna change it soon.

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Here's the wall i use on my desktop pc:



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Manchester United

download (1).jpg

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