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Power of Generation II, DUNU popular products in China are going to have their second generation.

Poll Results: Your choice Which one to update first,

Poll expired: Jul 18, 2011  
  • 44% (4)
    DUNU EX-10 II High impedance design, 150Ω
  • 55% (5)
    DUNU C60 II two drive unit design
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Hi guys,


More information for you. Some popular DUNU products in China are going to have their second generation. I will introduce them and update in this thread.


Start from DN- S01 which is published 2005/9 in China.





Some photo of DN- S01




Here are some change and idea of design.


1. Improving the silicon earpiece of parts. They won’t fall easily.


2. Improving the speaker glue leaking around net cap.


3. Improving cable quality.


4. Adding one “earplug fixed silicon earpiece”. And let user can change 3 different ways of wearing at anytime.(as photograph)


5. About sound quality, S01 reduce some low frequency and increase mid and treble. This alters its sound tendency to be able to enjoy clean and clarity of mid-high; therefore it is suitable to listen to female vocal. S01 II is expected to change a little bit in toning to differentiate between I and II, which is to increase some bass of S01 II. This change will to make S01 II suitable for listening to man’s vocal and bring our user more choice.


6. Feedback from Hi Fiers in Beijing: Vocal density is very good and low frequency also bring some volume pitch, but high frequency is little less than CM7.


It appears that female vocal is not so tremendously excellent and in sum man vocal parts is has great performance.







EX-10 II( update 7/27)


High impedance design, 150Ω 





        EX10II is setted as high impedance earphone, the model No. is “EX-150”(150 refers to 150 Ω). We got a suggestion from Hi fiers that we should manufacture some high impedance earphones and we happen to design EX-10 II, so we decide to adapt EX-10 II into high impedance earphone.      


        EX-150 adapts impedance 150Ω at this time, so it is unsuitable for direct play. The reason to apply 150Ω impedance design is to use stronger signal input to push the membrane so that the membrane is possible to play with the maximum efficiency. When the source is too weak, it will have some counter-effect. Once the signal is too weak, the membrane can’t function very well. Besides the high impedance earphone membrane need to add thickness. If 6u membrane with high impedance, then play with amplifier, it’s very easy to get noises. The reason is signal are too strong that 6u membrane can’t bear.

     As chart: the Membrane (piston)+voice coil(connecting rod)’s relationship


ex 10 II.JPG


      Similarly, if we change the earphone signal wire into silver wire, the purpose is to raise membrane efficiency. Then, we don’t need to increase membrane’s thickness. Without strong signal is ok too now. Because weak signal under silver wire’s high transmission efficiency can let membrane to play in high efficiency (Just imagine the relationship between piston and connecting rod and it should be easier to understand). Of course, when we have silver wires accompanied by amplifier and as long as earphone membrane can stand the heavy load. This will be the best choice.  

Base on the experiment in the laboratory (Data cannot be publicized, excuse me), we can see adding the silver wire or altering the earphone to the high impedance. Frequency response 100Hz~800Hz has changes very obviously, it’s enhanced so much. This means that the sound saturation is improved by large degree.

        Noted, We Must have amplifier to reveal the high impedance earphone's characteristics. If you take high-resistance earphone without amplifier to compare with the low impedance one, the result would be unfair. Just like taking a ordinary car to compete with a modified car. They have the merit respectively. Therefore one should see ones own demand, and then make his choice! (If above saying is not correct, please correct me gently, thanks)



DN-C60 II (update 7/14)


Two driver unit.



DN-C60 generation II


    This time in Beijing I also ask some Hi-Fiers to test and give comments about C60 II:

The vocal density and the high frequency’s fullness are better than old version (obviously using double unit structure really effects on performance), the low frequency elasticity and the submergence also presents well; Some guys responded, if low frequency can be more focus, that would to be perfect. Ha Ha, Because the product housing structure are open style design, low frequency is not easily focused.


    Besides some Hi-Fiers suggest that DN-20 can use RP-HV100 as reference. I really appreciate the precious opinion. DN-20’s housing is too small so it has difficulty to apply. C-60II also a adopt two unit design; However the housing is larger so the possibility of  two units disturbing each other is small so it can be design very easily.


    This time also made some sample for Hi-Fier to test in Beijing .And the comments is very well and also put some to try out review, too.




Two driver unit


    Base on the suggestion for DN-20. DUNU has an idea. We had plan to make some design of HV100. Thus we name it DN-100(double unit design).(e.g.chart)


DN-100 design.JPG



    Because the DN-100’s cavity is large, double unit interference is small. Therefore, it is easy to design. Our company used to vend similar design abroad.


    DUNU Engineering Department analyzes it’s can be adjust very quick. However, fans please give us some suggestion. We will try to make it as great as we can. In the mean time, we will not make our friends supporting us disappointed. Thanks for your generous help. We will make samples as soon as possible to let you have chance to try out, thanks.





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O.o a dual driver clip-on? Can you explain more about that please?

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Yeah, I'm interested in the dual driver clip-on as well...

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It looks like a coaxial implementation.

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The only other dual driver clip ons I know of are these ones by Koss.  Never heard them but the measurements are a train wreck.


They aren't coaxial though, so it probably bears little on this one might sound.

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Two model update  DN-C60 II and DN-100. Both with two driver units. 


Sometimes two is simply better than one I supposed tongue_smile.gif.

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The DN-20 looks downright awesome!


 The C60 seems to be promising too--the first new decent clip on I've seen in a while. But the "Dual Balanced Speaker" print looks unnecessary and gives off a "cheap" look.


Is the DN-100 an earbud? That's a huge nozzle.

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I don't think the nozzle is huge but the earphone is smaller than the pic suggests. Wow, a dual driver that could be worn over the ear. Not so easy with a Radius phone, lol! 


Not an actual picture anyway, I don't believe. So probably more of a close representation. Maybe a longer nozzle than appears there would be better. Possible angled forward too. I don't think that housing and a straight nozzle would work very well in most ears. 

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DN-100 looks interesting.  If the weight is same or less than the Ares, then it would work imo.  The housing looks like it could cover the whole outer ear.  

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New update again. This time is for DUNU EX 10 II, EX-150


Want to know DUNU's plan for this year? Don't miss the next upcoming update.  See ya.

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