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MobilePC.com Prices Too Good to be True???

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Have anyone bought anything from MobilePC.com before because they are selling lots of earphones and headphones for quite low prices.

Earphones: http://www.mobilepc.com/Brands/Specials?search=earphones&sort1desc=F&sort1=Item_ONLINECUSTOMERPRICE

Headponhes: http://www.mobilepc.com/Brands/Specials?search=headphones&sort1=Item_ONLINECUSTOMERPRICE&sort1desc=F

Although all products are usually refurbished, they are still lower than any other place that sell them used such as eBay. They do say they are BBB accredited though.

Here are some examples of the prices they have.

Sony MDR-EX300 - $3

Klipsch Image S2 - $10

Klipsch Image S4 - $29

Creative Aurvana 2 - $30

Beyerdynamic DT 770 - $79

Ultimate Ears 700 - $79

AKG K272HD - $99

Ultimate Ears Triple.Fi 10vi - $119

Beyerdynamic DT 990 - $149
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An Ety ER-4S for $119? Either we're being taken for a ride or we're about to have some very happy Head-Fi'ers. :D


They've been around since 2004, normally these are fly-by-night kinds of places. I've also gotten a shocking number or recommendations for them in my search for an EVGA GTX470, but that's a different story.


I think someone should pick up something like the EX300 to see if it gets shipped. There's also the possibility that some of these are counterfeit, and somehow I don't think an RMA would work well through them.


Final verdict, I don't know. I've had luck online before, but scams are far to common.

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Originally Posted by Groznyjgrad View Post
Update: An ATH-A700 for $60? An HD555 for $44? A Klipsch Image X5 for $99? I've got a bad feeling about this.


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I have bought from them on eBay...  What they basically are are refurbished items that don't have all accessories (I've had some with missing tips, cases, etc) that no one can sell or open box items.  The items are in a working condition though, and are legit (at least the two that I bought).


I did buy a pair of Sony DR EX300iP from them, they were open box, but legit. 


They send you a tracking number the day you purchase it (or day after), but don't actually ship for a few days (up to five).

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Denon AH-D7000's $499. If this turns out to be legit. Wow... Some of these prices really are unbelievable. On all ends of the 'Fi' cost sprectrum.

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Try put them in cart, they are all out of stock lol

They usually have one item in stock at a time,

the price is for only one item, plus I have bought a few headphones from them before,

ALL of them were defective, they will not refund but would try to repair them for you.

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I realize this is an old post, but they are legit! I ordered camera batteries from them at about 1/4 the price others where charging and when they arrived I was pleasantly surprised.  Original factory boxes and they worked in the camera (Panasonic has firmware that blocks most after market batteries).

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Hate to revive an old thread again. I thought I'd mention that I'm going through a bit of an ordeal with them. I won't get into specifics yet - I'll give them a bit of time to make good on this - but I will say that I would not recommend them for buying headphones or sensitive audio gear. They clearly don't know how to care for audio the products they sell.


UPDATE: I don't want to drag their name through the mud since they did offer a full refund or a significant rebate on my purchase. Basically, they were selling a pair of 'phones at a great price and listed them as being in very good condition. They arrived in fair to poor condition (basically in need of repair). Since they made good on their mistake, I'd buy from them again.

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