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Well the good news is I'm supposed to close my PWD2 deal Thursday.  The bad, they aren't really in the same ballpark.  Will say this, the bad things about NOS are overstated.  But the thinking man in you may still be bugged knowing on paper what you can't hear in life.  And its easily better than the W4S DAC-2 so... if you have a $800-$1100 budget its a good buy.  I use the AP2 but I have heard it repeated often that the JK is a better match.

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Thanks Solude - much appreciated. Good luck for a successful deal...

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The lack of a USB is a killer for me. I can't see getting a PWD at 2X the cost of my CSP2+ though I really like it. I have had a couple of chances to listen to the PWD and it is terrific but pricey. Maybe once I refuel the wallet after the CSP2+ purchase I can find another deal like Solude's W4S DAC2, another DAC I really like.

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No built-in USB sucks but given the abundance of external usb>spdif adapter now... kind of a non issue.  Fact is most built-in usb is either a hiface, xmos or wavelength all of which are available out of the box now.  For example, the W4S DAC-2 uses a hiface which is junk now a days compared to damn near everything including the hiface2.

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What USB>spdif makes the grade?

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Depends on your budget.  MF V-Link 192 is on sale for $200 right now and is as good the $500 Stello U3.  When no sale is on, the hiface2 is also good for the $185 asking price.  After that its the JKSPDIF at $400 and the AP2 at $600.


If you have a PC, a ESI Juli@ is another good buy for $150.

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Thanks....Is it a clear thing that USB is superior to Coax or spdif?

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No, its clear USB needs a lot of help to compete with spdif ;)

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Is there anything wrong with the optical out of the Macbook Pro straight to the DAC? Still need a transport?

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Originally Posted by SoundFreaq View Post

Is there anything wrong with the optical out of the Macbook Pro straight to the DAC? Still need a transport?

Nothing wrong with SDPIF, but if you have equipment worth thousands of dollars running off of it, it becomes the weakest link.

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The problem with Toslink is it can't even transmit a sqaure wave properly.


If you want a bargain USB converter, get an Audio-gd NFB-16. Strangely, for a "portable" amp, it has S/PDIF output, but uses quite a good USB chip. You can order it with a better TCXO clock for the USB as well. While clearly not as good as the Audiophilleo, it's excellent for the price.

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I think a lot of that has to do with the plastic cores.  Glass doesn't have time delay from reflections.  Also if your coax connection from the PC isn't isolated... ugh.

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I know some DACs benefit from the AP2 or other transports more than others. Does the Octave like the AP2 quite a bit?

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Hells yes!  Once you know what to listen for its a no brainer unless you prefer laid back and fuzzy.

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Ordered. We'll see how it sounds to these ears. I'm betting it's good. 

Edit: or maybe I've talked myself into it being good because of the price tongue.gif
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