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For Sale: IC: Audio Technica ATH-W11JPN

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This Classified is Closed

For Sale:
IC: Audio Technica ATH-W11JPN

Will Ship To: Anywhere


I am checking for offers on my loved W11JPN who hasn't got any attention lately since my LCD-2 purchase.

Those are rare gems back from the 90's where Audio Technica were doing their classic and legendary series.

The W11JPN are sweet phones with great musicality, warm and round sound.


I purchased a new set of W11JPN original pads and 3D wing pads for the phones about a year ago, they are in very good condition, although the pads started to show some wear.

Also comes with W1000 leather pads (I got the headphones this way).


The golden coating on the plug is a bit off but sonically the headphones are as good as new.


The pics are fresh as I just took them, not the best quality but it's the best I can do at the moment.


I have a hard time parting with them, so serious offers only please.


My Feedback

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I'll take em for a buck o.o

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How much difference in SQ comparing with the 11R?

How much is the estimated asking price,  I think the interest

is there but it also depends on the price.

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Never heard the 11R, so I can't say anything about SQ comparison.


Price is ~$650, that's about the offers I got so far.

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Do they come with the original packaging?

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No, I bought them as is without the packaging from the previous owner (Head-Fi member).

I am known to be very anal when it comes packaging of headphones so no worries :)

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$650 is a great price for these!

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Pending sale.

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These are now Sold.

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