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As a side note: does anyone know how to EQ the M50's well for bringing out the vocals more?



Vocals usually respond to an EQ boost in the 500-1kHz range.  You may need to experiment with boosting some frequencies above and below this to get a smooth frequency response so that the resulting sound is natural.


I also strongly recommend the equalization method outlined here by PiccoloNamek


with the caveat that you should mainly just aim to smooth out spikes in the response above 1kHz, not attempt to totally flatten the frequency response as heard by your ears.


Oh, and try to EQ subtractively, that is, "boost" 500-1kHz by lowering all the other frequencies, not pushing 500-1kHz above the zero mark, to avoid distortion.

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I owned both. Still own the M50.

The comfort (lack of) is what drove me from the 840's. The sound was good. I liked the detachable cable, but for size, weight, fit, and pain on the top of my head... they're gone.


The 840 has a more 'neutral' sound, the mids certainly are better than the M50, but yes, they are kind of boring. But again, that's not why I got rid of them. The M50's (especially after 25-50 hours of break-in) are very fun, punchy and enjoyable cans. They are not for everyone, but neither is the 840.


I agree with those who think you should try other cans... if, and only if you are dissatisfied with the M50. If they work for you, if you're getting used to them... great!


Good luck.

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I just ran across this post in another thread thought it was fitting.



Quote:Originally Posted by Foamybrian View Post

Keep a pair of stock apple earbuds near your setup. Whenever you feel the need to upgrade while browsing head-fi, plug those earbuds into your source, play a 128 kbps file, and proceed to rape your ears for a few minutes. Afterwards, plug in your regular gear and be awed/happy at what you have. It also helps to chant "laws of diminishing return" repeatedly.


It doesn't work all the time but its usually enough to stave off most of my urges to upgrade. Its like having a nice meal before shopping for groceries.

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Originally Posted by Germancub View Post

My buyers remorse with the M50 was so bad, I didn't even bother to sell them I just gave them to my little cousin because I couldn't be bothered.

I do not have any buyer remorse after buying the M50s the second time. They are okay for the money I spent not the best deal or something to write home about. All in all, a well above par cans. There are worse cans that cost more.


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