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Coiled cable or $25?

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I bought my M50's off ebay and I got the wrong cable version. I ordered the coiled one but I got the straight one. I sent them an e-mail about it and they said they can either refund me $25 or exchange the cable for me (free of charge). Which would you guys pick?

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I like my MDR-V6's because of the coiled cable because I am never 6 feet from my system, A straight cable is only good to let my cat tear at it while it rubs and swings on the floor.


The only problem is if you wanted to use them as a portable, then the coil gets messed up. It's worth it to get the straight cable if you wanted portable.

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Get the $25 refund and then get a velcro cable tie. Keeps your cable whatever length you needed it, and you don't get that annoying tangle that afflicts coiled cables. 

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I've been using the HD215 with its stock coiled cable as a portable for some time now and the cable never messed-up in any way.

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its personal preference.

id take the money everytime


because to me the coiled cable will eventually become a tangled atrocity.

and then its worse than any other cable imaginable

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