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For Sale: Ultrasone Pro900 (UK)

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This Classified is Closed

For Sale:
Ultrasone Pro900 (UK)

Will Ship To: UK+EU

A fantastic can for bassheads. I shortened  and reterminated the straight cable with a quality angled Neutrix  minijack for portable use. The other cable was left untouched and has a 6.5mn jack to use with a desktop amp. The spare silver pads haven't been used. Come with all the original packaging.

Asking for £230, postage to the UK included, Paypal gifted please or fee is on you. Thanks.


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Would you be willing to part this out? I'm only interested in the Ultrasones.



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I can sell those separatly but would prefer a UK sale. will extend to the EU if those are still unsold by the end of the month.

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Ok, sounds good.  At this price, I'll be very surprised if they're still around by then.  :)


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Available separately Pro900: £230

                                    Fiio E11: £30

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Hi there! 


I am interested in these headphones.

Currently I am making a research to replace my -quite old- Bose TP-1.


Do you know how they compare ?


Thanks in advance,



PS: I leave in Crete, Greece, do you have any idea how much will cost to post them here ?


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I am ready to sell those for £250 posted to anywhere in EU. 

Never heard the bose TP-1 so can't help

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Thanks for your time!


I will do my research tonight and tomorrow and I will come back on Tuesday.


Thanks again!


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heyy, im thinking of buyin the pro 900's and the e11...how do they sound together?? and are ther other amps in a similar price range, which will be better?.

and is ther much of a differnce then jus the headphones on an ipod??




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