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Audio Technica ATH-M50

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Hello head-fi'ers


I want to buy a new  headphone. i'm currently using the creative aurvana live. But the problem is I can't use them in my car because they don't isolate well. So I'm planning to buy a new pair of headphones. With good sound quality, good comfort and good isolation. I was thinking to buy the audio technica ath m50.(with coiled cord). I will use my new headphones with my sansa clip plus with fiio e5 amp. But I have still some questions.


- Is the sound isolating of the Audio technica's good enough for use in the car and to use on the streets. Will it block all the sound?

- Is the audio technica a comfortable headphone (my Creative aurvana live starts hurting my head after an houre :( )

- How does the SQ of the Audio Technica compare to the SQ of my Creative aurvana live?


Or are there betterheadphones I should take a look at.

My budget is +- 130 euros. I listen especially to harstyle, but I also appreciate other genres. ( I also listen to Sarah Brightman amazing!!!)


Thanks in advance!

Edit: does the audio technica leak more sound than the creative? Or is it the same?
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Hey bosiwollig,


First and foremost, why would you need sound isolation in your car? Assuming you're driving, that might not be safe, let alone walking in the streets with total isolation. In any case, I've heard many good things about the M50's isolation, so I'm sure it'll be sufficient for whatever you'll be blocking out.


As for sound quality, well, I haven't bought mine yet so I can't tell you first hand, but it seems that they would be appropriate for that genre. I've read so many raving reviews about the M50's that I had to hear it for myself. I'll let you know when I finally get mine, but you'll probably have decided by then, so I hope someone else with more experience can answer your question a little better.


Take care.

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okay , THNX. I'm not driving the car I'm the passenger  :p.


Other reactions please :)


but again, TY verry much!



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I find my M50s too big to walk around in the streets. You can try but you will look really goofy and get a lot of stares.

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Okay,lol. But,enough sound for use in a car? And does it leak alot?
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It isolates reasonably well. Not as good as IEMs but good enough for riding cars and in noisy places. It leaks noticeably when in a silent room but it's not anywhere as bad as open headphones. I would not be concerned about leakage as it is very little.
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Okay I think I'm gonna order them happy_face1.gif.

But i have still one last question. How does the overall SQ of the audio technica compares to the Creative aurvana live?and is the audio technica bass heavier than the CAL?

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I have never heard the Creative Aurvana Live but I know that the Audio Technica M50 has deep extending and punchy bass which is much better than any headphone I have heard at a lower or similar price range. Be sure to order your headphones from a reputable site such as Amazon. My first M50s were fake from ebay and had really bad quality sound.

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Okay, THNX
I,was planning to,buy,them,from,amazon
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Hey man, I finally got a chance to take a listen to the M50's and I think they're beautiful. I was at Guitar Center, and it was fairly noisy in there, but when I put the M50's on, the isolation was wonderful. It's rather comfortable, too, much moreso than the Shure SRH440's that were on display.

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Okay thnx mate! that's great that you posted your experience.


Now I can't wait to order mine :-)


greetz from Belgium!



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