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Sennheiser HD 201 vs HD 202 vs HD 203?

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So, head-fi, I have been wanting to pick one or two cans out of this line for a while now, ever since my brother got the 203's. I was wondering what the pro's and cons were of the separate headphones... I heard the HD 201's have the right amount of bass, while lacking isolation... Whereas I heard the 202's bass sounds boomy and rather annoying... I haven't heard much about the 203's though... I tried them on and I like them. Anyways, if I were to choose two of the three headphones, which would you recommend?




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The more you put into headphones, the more you get - is a simple rule


Don't invest into a lot of cheap headphones, buy one good one and start saving again.


What's your price range, music and uses of the headphones you wish to get.

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If I had to choose my top 3 genre's, they would be

1:Dubstep by far.

2:Rap/hiphop, a fairly distant second place.

3:A tie for Classical/Rock. (But that's a different type of can entirely, no?)


So I would most likely need something bass-heavy, with a natural kick, right? I was planning on something like the Sony MDRXB500.


However, I guess my point is that, I'm obviously new to this journey to audiophile-hood... The closest thing I have to good sound quality is a pair of Koss UR40's. I was planning to start this "journey" by trying out some cheaper cans, trying out new brands and such, and working my way up to the HD high class cans. But, if you advice a different route, such as buying high class cans now and experimenting that way... I'm open to advice.


I guess my point is, I will listen if you advise. And for my specifics... If I'm buying ONE headphone as you suggest... 0-150$, should work well for electronic/dubsteo, and should manage rap, and I would LIKE to wear it in public occasionally, (A bage/purple metal helmet would be... questionable...) but I think I would prefer comfort over style.


Thanks for anything/everything,


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