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I'm planning on getting an HD 555 and mod to unleash the bass, but I was wondering if the headroom frequency response chart is accurate in that the HD 595 has a deeper and louder extending bass compared to the HD 201 in real life. Every one says the 595 lacks bass and has harsh treble while I can stand my HD 201s which apparently have much less bass than the 555/595 in headroom charts. I just want some more bass to fill in the guitar but maybe the 555/595 don't perform with the bass the charts show?


This isn't the HD 595, it's the 555 since headroom has not reviewed the 595 in tests. I own the HD 201s and the CX 300-IIs. Bass response in the middle would sound great to me and all three head phones have similar enough treble response so I'm guessing I'd be getting a middle of the road bass at the least once I remove the 555 reflector:



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