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Hayley Westenra - Bao Bei (寶貝)



Bao Bei 寶貝 - Hayley Westenra, Kaohsiung Concert 2013



Same song, first is a recording and second is a live version)



I saw her a few times in concert with the wife, I believe she is popular in Japan etc. (she is from New Zealand but spent a lot of her early career in London and Dublin)

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千の風になって Maki Mori



Hayley Westenra- I am a thousand winds




[Vietsub] Sen no Kaze ni Natte 千の風になって (Thành ngàn cơn gió)




Same song - the second one is in English.

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Here we go Guys a new thread called:


A Bit of Music and a Bit of Fun




I am hoping for some good music and different music from all parts of the world in any language.


No rules - just music/video links and a bit of fun and anything you want to share with us (legally of course).:mad::angry_face:


Cheers, Light-Man




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Nice groovy rock from a relatively new Japanese all-female band:

Silent Hell, a metal band from Taiwan with a female vocalist:

Pritz, a South Korean metal/idol girl group that's being accused of imitating Japan's Baby Metal:

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Yeah, Band-Maid poped up in my what to watch list recently, They seem alright.

Talking about alright Been listening to this

This one is a funny one, You don't expect it, but boom there it is. :D

I don't know what to say about this, I just like when people sing fast. :D

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