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I just love the East Asian indie scene--the soft and expressive female vocals (not as into the soft male vocals in that style--I prefer more manly male vocals), acoustic instruments (and sometimes joined by electronic ones), and that cheerful, wistful, and sometimes melancholic vibe. My brother calls it the "Faux Cafe Scene," where all the songs sound like they should be playing in cozy cafes.


Thanks for the J-Rabbit recommendation. Loved their live recordings on Youtube--that kind of joyous approach to making music is so infectious.


While going through J-Rabbit videos, it lead me to Morrie. I don't remember if previous posts already introduced her, but here are some songs from her. I'm a total sucker for the cute indie girl voice--it just makes me melt and want to go around hugging everyone.






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Like I said, 3rd Coast, as well as everything linked on wind's post (like I said - page 20 and beyond had a lot of people before I started posting covering a lot of ground so it's worthwhile to go through the thread for that reason along). J.ae, Clover, the people that guest-vocalled on Like. It's really like playing Six Degrees of Seperation.


Donawhale, Tearliner, Verandah Project (which is really just Kim Dong-Ryul being amazing as always but I understand people are adverse to older things) have also been mentioned numerous times and are a great jumping-off point.

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It seams that Korean Indie is picking up, and noticing really original music, more intuned to Korean Vocal centric music with high quality.  Very original, with lots of emotions.  Nothing like I've hard before.  Doesn't sound pretentious like the indie hipster music.  I hope this really transforms the Korean music industry into coming up with some groundbreaking and original genres that is original to Korean culture.


I'm getting rather tired of teenie bopper boy bands and girl groups taking the stage, need talents like these to step-up and take credit where it's due.

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