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More Jams for yall


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Old School Korean Hip-hip for yall.  The Golden Years, this how how it all started.  Korea dominates hip-hop and R&B in Asia. Even the rapper from the best hip-hop in Japan M-flo is Korean.










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New Orange Caramel and 4Minute




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I love how Orange Caramel can be so dorky, yet so hot at the same time. The 4minute MV was nice, but I think the song is just so-so. 

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For those interested in getting started on a retro-playlist but don't know where to start, I've grabbed the URLs out of this blog post containing the OST for Reply 1994.




The Youtube-savvy can make that into a YT playlist or what have you, whatever the kids do these days.

The cool people can youtube-dl -x -i $(paste -d -s $FILE_NAME) that, but I'm not suggesting anything wink wink.

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Dir En Grey - MACABRE



Kisou is at the moment my favourite, but Macabre is just aces to listen to. Does take a few listens though, it's one of those progressions that catches you the second or third time.

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Shunzo Ohno Quartet ‎– Falter Out



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The Hugo Masters: An Anthology of Chinese Classical Music




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You guys must hear this.  Never heard of this group, but vocals are amazing!  :gs1000smile:


Loving this indi Korean group called standingEGG





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Here are some that has nice vocals by J Rabbit




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Standing Egg has been a gateway drug for many others early on in the thread so I'm glad you found them. With has some staying power but Like is more or less some of the same old same old. With, Lucky, and the singles and covers you can find on their FB page.


For those adverse to Facebook, it's easy enough to turn a page into a RSS feed.


I'd also recommend digging further back into the thread as it's highly likely that you might find some other things along the same lines that you might enjoy. 3rd Coast, Black Skirts. Sister's Barbershop, the usual....

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Ok so I like vocals like Standing EGG, Vibe, MC The Max, J Rabbit, Bumkey, 2NE1.  What you listed wasn't something I'm looking for.  They sound like bla indi bla.   I don't like looking for needles in a haystack, losts of hay in the indi area not worth my time.  I'm into quality vocals or instrumentations.



Any other recommendations based on what I like?

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