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Kazakhstani chicks




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Originally Posted by L0SLobos View Post

Well, there's always what.cd :rolleyes: . 

Also, some music:


tori no uta - from air anime



God knows... - The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya



Crow Song - Angel Beats



Light my Fire - Shakugan no Shana



I don't torrent music

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They actually have virtual celebrities in japan, here's some in concert:






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Originally Posted by miceblue View Post

HiFiTrack and YesAsia sell Asian CDs (mostly Chinese)
http://hifitrack.com/ (these are digital downloads)

CD Japan also sells Asian CDs (mostly Japanese)

Since Asian CDs can be expensive to ship over here in the USA, I tend to listen to the albums first by browsing the catalogue available in the nearby public libraries. They actually have a good collection of Asian CDs.


Originally Posted by daigo View Post

I mostly buy my Japanese and Chinese cd's from YesAsia as well.  They're slow, but I've had decent track record with them.  


It looks like there are not that many options out there. There's this one store I know of in Chinatown that sells real CDs but the selection is small. I will look into hifitrack however. 

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Originally Posted by ShooterMacG View Post

They actually have virtual celebrities in japan, here's some in concert:

I actually discovered Vocaloid back in May 2012 thanks to a thread here on Head-Fi. I must say it was one of the greatest discoveries in my life. Since then I've acquired what I believe is more than 80 hours' worth of Vocaloid music through Amazon Japan, Bandcamp, iTunes Store, and countless free downloads provided by the artists. Despite its synthesized nature, I feel an almost strangely deep connection some of the best-executed vocals and have noticed there are others who share this sentiment. The… "phenomenon" if one wants to call it that, offers everything from cheerful pop, heartbreaking ballads and straightforward rock tunes to dreamy shoegaze, vocal jazz and screamo, even uses in classical music and really experimental forms of music. The greatest thing about Vocaloid is without question the incredible community that has formed around it – a kind that has never existed before. It goes beyond just producers making their original work, remixing each other's work and collaborating with one another, with people with other artistic talents writing lyrics, drawing artwork and even creating music videos for songs. Many people do all of this for no monetary compensation at all and some artists offer some or even all of their work for free online.


It took my brain a full couple of months to process everything I had somehow managed to miss for years. Now Vocaloid related music is as natural part of my music library as any other music I have. One would think that after hearing the same singer on literally thousands of songs, you would get tired of it. But no, the versatility of the software allows such control over the vocals virtually every artist has the possibility to find their own individual tuning for each virtual singer and make him or her their own. And that's before even mentioning effects, which you can use just like you would on any "live" singer. Just like a rock aficionado is unlikely to ever get tired of hearing Stratocasters and Les Pauls on a record, especially with all the unique guitar tones people are able to achieve, the Vocaloid software in fact very much like the electric guitar in that it is a very versatile musical instrument. And by instrument I don't mean to imply I consider it any different from a flesh-and-blood singer in anything else than what the other can and can't do that the other in turn can't and can. Each person's voice is their unique instrument would be a more simplified way to put it.


One of the aspect that appeals to me about the Vocaloid phenomenon is that the majority of artists I know seem to have no particular desire to have their real name or face attached to their music and choose to simply go by their alias and have their own interpretation of the Vocaloids they are using act as the face for their music and intermediators through which they express themselves. This kind of humbleness appeals to me very much as I feel it makes people concentrate more on the music itself and less on the person who is behind the music. I am interested to see how the community will grown and look forward to someone making an in-depth documentary regarding Vocaloid and all the various aspects that are now related to it.

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Originally Posted by TJ Elite View Post


they have vocaloid on Bandcamp? Where?

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A great little package in the mail came for the holidays. Included was Dance in the clover 2. Waited for this one to come around into the collection. Haven't worked on listening to it but meanwhile I found the old one.

Very generic post-rock.


This one has a bit of an awful lounge music sort of feel. Well they sent me the stuff so not complaining.


Namy - Climax Tone


Also sent me this, which is weird because I had one and was specifically talking about it to him a couple of weekends ago. Might make good gift material.





Yann Tomita - Doopee Time

[2]   [4]   [7]   [8]   [9]   [12]   [19]



Shoji Aketagawa / Kan Mikami / Toshiaki Ishizuka - Daikanjyo

And some more Mikami


Kan Mikami - ひらく夢などあるじゃなし

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I received my package from YesAsia yesterday (just in time for the new year). It included albums from the following artists:



Hyolyn (really should be romanized "Hyorin", but whatever) is really good. For those who don't know, she's the lead vocalist for the k-pop group Sistar. She recently came out with her first solo album, and it's pretty fab! There are quite a few nice collaborations, but she didn't make MVs of them. I'd like to see the other Sistar members try a solo album, but I can see why Hyolyn went first.



Phantom has smooth vocals with a little bit of rap mixed it. I gotta wonder if the situation in the MV was real for them. I'm sure it's a reality for some groups since not everyone makes it big.



San E likes to talk about bad relationships. It makes for a good chuckle, especially if you can relate to the songs. His album was a mixed bag for me, though. There are 10 tracks, but the last 3 were instrumentals, which has me thinking that the producers ran out of ideas.




Untouchable is like San E...but I guess a little more gangsta lol. Also a mixed bag, but this is the first mini album of theirs I have...so these 5 tracks are the only music of theirs I've heard. 



Last but not least is Younha. For those of you who are j-pop/anime fans, you might remember her doing a song that was on the anime Bleach. I think she started out doing Japanese stuff and then went back to Korea to do more stuff. I think she's underrated, but part of it might be that by Korean standards, she's just average-looking. Looks are so important in the idol world. They claim to frown upon plastic surgery, but so many idols do it. She doesn't appear to be a mainstream idol either. Her voice has that softness which is similar to that of IU. 

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Originally Posted by L0SLobos View Post

they have vocaloid on Bandcamp? Where?

Here are a few examples:













More can be found by searching for the "Vocaloid" tag:


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Not sure if they were mentionned as I am new to this thread and did not went through all the posts, but among my favorites chinese singers are Jane Zhang and Penny Tai, both very talented with great vocals. Their CD I own have quite good recording quality.


Jane Zhang


Penny Tai



Highly recommended.

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Yay Jane Zhang! I love her music. smily_headphones1.gif

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Found this gem on Youtube. I hereby dub this genre "Ecchi core".

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lol...that "music" sure is...something else.

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Nothing like some good j-trance.

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