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The lack of Sinawe or Taiji brought up is appalling. 

No Taiji in it though...

Got me all hyped up for Reply 1994.


And then this.

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i like korean and japanese music ...cause i watch their TV drama and animation a lot !!

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Bondage Fruit - strange as the name makes them seem. Not as pretentious/inaccessible as their other zeuhl/Kobaïans alien-opera weirdos. A consistent force.




Picky Picnic! Always fun to hear their intricately noisy compositions. Good to find cassette uploads on Youtube - the only medium you'll find them in, apart from that one LP....

A good romp in the hay for some nice pop.


G-Schmitt - your typical euro-loungey art punk that's too cool for school.



Phew - great artist. Collaborated with...everyone? Probably everyone under the sun.

Some accessible instrumentals, to get the sense of what her vibe, how that translate to collabs.



And a little something extra.


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Was browsing around AKP and I saw this video. When I first heard the song felt like a old school B.E.G song tbh. Group seems promising doe just hope they don't make songs like certain artists. not going to say any names 


Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)







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Been quite addicted to this now

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holy that Nan Arayo hip hip vid is great. the camera pans, tried to figure out what it was that it reminds me of.  A cross between Dee-lite and that Preacher X from youtube.  Great vids. but what are the last two? interesting vibe..

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Taiji is the bomb nick, such a badass that guy. Glad you liked it.


Yep some scenes were pretty Groove In the Heart reminiscent. 


Commence Operation Pump-out-the-dust-drive-the-schiit-poppity-away.

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No words. Just...just a dump.







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Could I interest you with a Japanese band called Mouse On The Keys?



Or a rock band from Mainland China?

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Yes, know about the two (the Toccatina link on the post a few months back died so I can't embed that post), and they are fantastic.

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I've been incredibly busy and am still working my way through all the stuff that's been posted here in the last few months. Some really nice stuff.


Thanks for posting Casker, Rossy Punky Perfume, EachOne&Mad.S, Sweater, Linus' Blanket, and the bossa nova-esque indie stuff. Korean indie scene is far more interesting than the mainstream Kpop scene in terms of music, but it's hard to deny that Kpop's got the whole sex-appeal thing down and it's fun to just watch how daring the music videos try to get in their competition with each other. Some of the singing talents in mainstream Kpop is really impressive too, even if the subject matter is still just typical pop stuff.


Man, that M-flo live performance is awesome.


I've been quite impressed by this track from Yukari recently, since her electronic stuff can be both feminine and aggressive, which is rare for female solo electronic artists:



Her stuff is generally pretty good:








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The lack of Sinawe or Taiji brought up is appalling.


Actually, Taiji had losts of representation in this thread. It's a loooong thread--have you seen every single page? :D


In my next post, I think I'm going to do a "music that's influenced me the most, or brought me the most joy," which will be mostly 80's Jpop/Jrock and anime soundtracks, since that's what listened to in my teenage years in terms of Asian music.

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Woah.....this is a really great album for relaxing to. It's well-recorded too!





On the back of the CD cover it says "24-bit dCS Processing" and it's labeled "DDD." I'm not sure what dCS processing is but the DDD refers to digital recording, digital mixing, digital mastering?

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The other day I heard School Food Punishment - You May Crawl on an Icecast stream, really good I must say:



However, I wish Spotify had more Asian music.

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Originally Posted by Lunatique View Post

Actually, Taiji had losts of representation in this thread. It's a loooong thread--have you seen every single page? :D

Couldn't find Nan Arayo (maybe I missed it -  a lot of the old links on the thread have been dying out). That shizzle was my jam.

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SCHOOL FOOD PUNISHMENT IS AWESOME! BIG FAN OF THEM.....unfortunately they dismissed this year....got to listen to all their albums....
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