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A soft-rock/indie dump. All Korean. Bear with me here.


I love Sister's Barbershop - it's classic in every sense of the word. The voices, the sounds, the reverb. Love and nostalgia all from the barbershop on the first floor, underneath your apartment complex.


And since other people love it as well you get the full-on album upload, hooray. (They're extremely popular and prolific - I'm not linking to 11 albums,)


Sweater's this band that was big during the early '00s - when the soft indie stuff became self-aware/cognitive of what it sounded like and started trying to sound more like what they sounded like. Cheerful compositions. 




Electric Sheep (Denci Hinji) - I've linked to him before. He makes soft ambient pop. Extremely creative. Invokes quiet scenes. Perfect music on a clear-skied 3AM morning on a balcony. He's well known for a cover of a very famous song. What more need be said?




...Yeah, I'm not even going to bother explaining this.



Nastyona's one of those suffocatingly fun bands to watch. Extremely creative. Vocalist's this...Well this is more on the edgy side of indie.



Slow 6's this classic acoustic guy, collabed and composed with some of the best (Delispice)


Oldfish is a band who knows what they're doing.



Everyone knows what Casker does so I'll just shut up and leave my fav list.


 (love the popup alert inserts sfx in this track)


When Donawhale came out with its first album...you guys don't get it - it was amazing.


Broken up but still infamous for its morbidly depressing tone...


And a load of miscellaneous that might be interesting...(nothing really substantial to write up)


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you consistently are crashimuicatin my flash mang.


Scoobie Do " Sister "

 from their Plus One More album ( all pretty solid )



this track is pretty good also  Sf did some choreography i see at the 4:01- 4:03 mark and also at the 4:16 mark.  Well done SF!


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Originally Posted by miceblue View Post

Speaking of which, I have this song from she.


Absolutely loving the "lo-fi stereo 44.kHz" tag, good jab at the hilarious "hi-res" craze.

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yo sf do you have a dl link to any of these slaps mang



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^ LoL who they be??? :blink:


Check your PM, easy as cake to find tbh. :)

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Originally Posted by sfwalcer View Post

^ LoL who they be??? :blink:


Check your PM, easy as cake to find tbh. :)



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Originally Posted by KamijoIsMyHero View Post



^ CANADIANS!!! OMGHHHH :rolleyes: 

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Originally Posted by TwinQY View Post



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twerking included

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And something more palatable to the uninitiated.


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Anyway, time for some Tokidoki.


Oops, I meant to say TOKiMONSTA



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^ You'll get over her soon enough, we all have had that phase already. :tongue:

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get over Tokimonsta


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