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Originally Posted by sfwalcer View Post

... just having some goofy fun. cool.gif

Hahahahaha, that was totally epic! 2:40 was a WTF moment. XD

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Originally Posted by TwinQY View Post

....While you post Bar Bar Bar...

Good show fellas.


... "bar bar bar" is a bonafide classic meng, noobs!!! rolleyes.gif

Originally Posted by miceblue View Post

Hahahahaha, that was totally epic! 2:40 was a WTF moment. XD

Welp this one is a classic as well. If you haven't seen it you need to have your Asian license revoked!!! tongue.gif


... the funny thing is their music is actually pretty damn good. haha triportsad.gif

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MSG,  I am     speechless.......it's.....so ...good.




think I just found my new favourite band.  checking out some more.

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Originally Posted by nick n View Post

MSG,  I am     speechless.......it's.....so ...good.




think I just found my new favourite band.  checking out some more.



Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

See nick this is why you gotta listen to sf, been posted this on that wrap thread ages ago, now i know you don't listen to the stuff i be linking, just as i do for yours.ksc75smile.gif

j/k keep that dust flowing meng, been collecting a lot of it of late. You can call me the Dust Collector boi!!!

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This shall be my 5555th post so I will make it worthwhile.

Let's start off with some rock. Nothing fancy. There must be a syrup16g fan around here

In a similar vein is The Novembers. You know, the band with all the brown album art that looks the ******* same. I didn't know they had a MV, but this was the only version I could find/

And really change things up with the internationally-acclaimed After Dinner. Staple song. Let me tell you I might be a nostalgia nut with the cassettes but find the CD. Brilliant ambience and SQ)

Some more similar-ish stylings, less awesome, but simplicity is a fickle beast.

This one doesn't really matter as the SQ is just there. It's typical pop.

And then we have a sea of roaring baroque death, blasting away at the wall.

A good old mashup - honestly I just wanted to find a cover for the first one but this will do. You're missing out on the cover version I have though. Kicks some arse.

I doubt anyone will have this. This is what you get when you gamble on the unexpected at a flea market. Finding a rip of this was pretty amazing, to say the least.

I'm trying to find some more DAISUCK & PROSITUTE tracks on YT but they all suck. Either go on Grooveshark or use this one. It's a real mindf***. The latter is the classic, of course.


Everyone know P-MODEL but the guy had some of his own releases.

And then the obligatory P-MODEL. All I can say is to get as much of this as you can. The guy is a genius.

I saved the best mindf***s for last. Be prepared. Hold on to those seats.

And I posted this guy last time. Something a bit more traditional. If you said I don't push enough jazz, that's because I've been perusing the stuff too much. It just seems old hat to me. Like if I posted SNSD on here. Just think about it.

And after the scrobbles I come up with some new bands. 

Only track I could find. 


And this one came with the youtube suggestions. I'd check out the user posting this stuff, he has some very nice non-asian stuff as well.

Now isn't that just the neatest effect?


Next time, will try and focus more on some space rock or some electronic/dance. The latter, maybe some old hat stuff with the nooby stuff. And if people still want the traditional jazz like Hosono just chime in.

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This shall be my 5555th post so I will make it worthwhile.

Pisssssh, all my 3,456 posts has been nothing but amazing content, looks like someone needs to get serious sheeeeesh. rolleyes.gif

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I can't find baobab so what the heck.

Youtube you have failed me too many times.

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So it's pretty late up here right now, and the local Chinese radio station is playing some nice soft tunes. I love tuning in at this hour. Reminds me of pastel colors and melancholy Chinese films I watched when I was a kid. You know, the ones with the aqua-tint shots of apartments and rooftops that talked a lot of about teenage love and stuff like that. 


And in the sense that I've probably posted a disproportionate amount of non-chinese stuff, and me being chinese,,,it sort of doesn't make a lot of sense. So tonight I'll be doing a primarily-taiwanese/Chinese dump. The Cantonese stuff will be in the morning, when I can load up the dvd machine in the living room and remember which movies had the best OSTs, etc.




So last time I did that Selfkill video, which got a nice reception. It was well filmed, yes. And very dynamic/dramatic. This time, it's much less so as they are still rooted in post-rock, the more melodic kind, mind you. This is a pretty mainstream/well-know band so it'd be surprising if you haven't heard of them. Their debut album was pretty run of the mill, but with sensibilities uncommon to the ordinary start-up band. 



The follow-up albums are where it all started to get interesting though. Gone are the precautious vibes, and they plunge headfirst into some nice experimentation with various layerings, pacing. The brass adds for a great composition. You get a sense of that climatic tension one typically finds on the Western labels, as is consistent within the album (the other track I linked is of the same album, this being the title track.). Chinese post-rock generally sticks to the ethereal, clandestine, almost ambient-like sound, flowing quite beautifully. Like a mountaintop stream. Like reading a chinese poem about a mountain top stream. Like almost every Wang Wen song ever (well that's a little bit uncalled for...) The other approach is that highly pop-y melodic approach. This track more or less takes an medium between the melodic, the ethereal, and the pure GYBE-bombastic.


Great video too.

And of course Taiwanese. Their scene's pretty entrenched with the soft, poetic stuff. Perfect for post-rock. 


In line with that, we have Aphasia, who's album I had posted earlier. They take more of the poetic, ethereal approach I mentioned before. Their album art, concepts, usually go for an urban vibe. You can feel it in the music as well. Whenever I get on the bus and crank up one of their albums, I get that extremely endorphic, exhilarating. It gets me in the mood. I found a really nice video that actually managed to demonstrate that, which was quite unexpected but definitely welcome.

Taiwanese of course. God those people know their stuff.


Another non-video track. I've heard okay things about Summer's Tails. The theme and plot and the aesthetics strike me as right, but I've never gotten a chance to sit down and garner enough attention for a full-on sitting. Crocodile Society - great album. Highly recommended. Absolute blowout success as a debut.


And now we come to Sugar Plum Ferry. You see I've just been glossing over the big bands as I've been out of touch from the local scene. Haven't gone to much record stores in China during the last few trips. But they need to be recognized as something simply proverbial within the scene. I mean come on, who hasn't watched Spider Lillies. If I had to describe their sound at their worst, it would be toe but Chinese, without any sincerity. If I had to describe their sound at their best, it would be toe meets Sunn O)) for the first time and breeds with Boris' Flood album.  


This track in particular is pretty typical, the occasional grunge breaks, to get a sense of their typical sound.

Did they sell out in this one? I wouldn't know but it is heavily methodical and non-risky. Still damn consistent P-R though. You can't attribute bad labels and connotations to everything and anything though. This is one of their more popular tracks that I usually hear getting played (i.e. on the station right now - but 4am stuff is always hipster stuff).

And now this is what I'm talking about. It breaks down, walls up, gets gnarly. Bombastic. At their best.


This here is something a bit more novice-y, but still well worth it. Expanding on that crescendo dependent sound. Fits the album cover, does it not? If we were to re-adapt that bus analogy this would be like going through and exiting a tunnel or something. Not particularly as ominous as the statement seems at first, mind you, or at least not as ominous as it could potentially be. But it simulates that suspense, that last gasp of air held deeply back.


Bugs of phonon. No more need be said. Highly ambient/electronic heavy. Resilient, powerful. This goes beyond some ethereal fluff and becomes more of a proclamation. Reminds me of Yodaka but still more or less structured. But the structure isn't a disservice, rather it imposes.


And in the haze we find the climax within proximity.


Here is a noobie band with ties to the seafaring, crash-of-waves, tumultuous ways. I mean that's what's on the album cover so it must be true right? 

But in all seriousness, very sea-of-white-noise stuff. Lulling one's imagery right into to that white sea of sheets.



In that vein we have Sorry Youth, with a post-rock track and an not-so-post-rock track.



Is this math-pop-rock or have I just fallen asleep and wet myself? No. Not really. This is that annoying band you kept on seeing on TV a couple of years ago. You know that reality show. Whatever was it called now...*disinsert sarcasm*

It's relevant because it sort of fits the vibe right now.


Well if we're moving on to vocals that means we're going off from that awful post-rock topic, are we not? Well yes, and no. Silverbus. Another big name. Well not particularly big in terms of spelling. Believe it or not it's rather hard to find their tracks compared to their other "similarly popular" competition. The lyrics are bloody trance-inducing, and the haze from the ambience is unnerving. I must be dreaming now, right?


Hugely mainstream, but played on the radio, so obligatory. I needn't introduce them now should I? I'm just an awful teeny-booper at heart now, it seems.



And since we're doing the rocker thing, let's go with something surely more lullaby-inducing? I mean their lyrics....

Definitely folksy, definitely powerful in a subdued way. It's Omnipotent Youth Society.



On to some eccentric picks, populated more or less by those female sirens with their twangy pop guitars. You can visualize that cup of tea in your hands. those perfect porcelain pieces, in that glass-box second-rate flat, grey skys and the pages aflutter.


Some Ciacia. A bit more sentimental than I let on at first. Nevertheless, fits that vibe doesn't it? Smoky vocals with some good body that brings ya down to earth. But still some good air. More air than smoke. But what is smoke without air?


This movie had some bloody amazing imagery. An interlude of romance between the female tracks.


Get this CD. Enough said. Perfect vibes. The vocals are down to earth in that other, truer sense. Youth.


The vibe continues on.


Now you see the shadows fading, the sound of the radio dissipates away with the tracks, a soft bespoken instrument on a hilltop, or a rooftop. Playful, vibrant, always dreaming. A real classic sound.


And we are away, absconded, off to that blank canvas of a field. The radio has no batteries but it slowly dies out. Static turns into air, into dreams. Into nothing.


Well that's it for tonight's station.

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was just mindlessly going around youtube but could anyone recommend me music like this? 




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From my hero



so much feels

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Originally Posted by iambasedgod View Post

was just mindlessly going around youtube but could anyone recommend me music like this? 



if you are looking for more of what Jessica sang, try Orange Caramel or just go to J-POP and look for cutesy groups.


Can't recommend anything else for the others as I only need the cutesy stuff to offset the hard rock and rap I listen to lol

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Originally Posted by iambasedgod View Post

was just mindlessly going around youtube but could anyone recommend me music like this? 

I did J.ae and Clazziquai several times before + similar things, you can try and search those posts if you want.


For the Jessica thing - 

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^ Hey fool you missed out on the glorious demise of the Z-man, he went out swinging like a true soulja'. Soooooo many posts were removed and thread is now locked. G.G


Let's just say even Mr. Kite would have been proud. 


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I saw it. I didn't have internet at home so I couldn't post.


It was good. My expectations had been fulfilled. 


Speaking of which.



The band for that drummer guy in Shut up Flower Boy Band. Only wish there had been more Minki....otherwise nice-ish show.


I remember a lot of nice covers on Nate. Otherwise you'll have to settle for this.

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