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Nixon Master Blaster

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I have never reviewed anything really, so I probably am unable to use most of the terminology, but here it goes!


People say "oh no not another fashion headphone" but never really gave it a chance or reviewed it - but they can be quite fun!


I'll admit they aren't worth the $200/$250 original price tag, but its pretty easy to find them in the $130 dollar range brand new.


The build quality is excellent, and I do really like the volume dial on the right ear - its really quite practical. E.g. Someone walks in the room and tries to talk to you - instead of messing around trying to pause the music and say "hold on a sec" you can quickly turn the dial to 0. Or if the songs in your library are different volumes. The metal headband is very strong, but may be difficult to adjust for some.


Clamping forcing is quite high, and is uncomfortable over extended listening. The sound does leak a bit, despite being a closed headphone.


Has a lot of bass quantity, but I think it's pretty well controlled and punch.  The mids are a little muddy, but the highs are quite crisp.


I also think it's pretty versatile headphone for what it is, and sounds fun with multiple genres. I gave it a quick listen with classical, metal and dance music.


However, I probably wouldn't advise buying them, as they are too large to be transportable, do clamp too much, and leak sound. I think that an open headphone is better for home listening, so there isn't a real need for them at home. They aren't particularly detailed and are slightly stereo sounding, i.e. I think they lack warmth. Soundstage is pretty good.


If anyone else could provide a second opinion so I can get to grips with the language a bit better, and also make sure I'm accurately depicting the headphone. 


Thanks for reading! :)

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The pads are huge, probably the closest resembling to Sony XB. Sounds weird that it's not comfortable (too tight clamp? If so => stretching is your best friend as usual).

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