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Audiocubes has it for sale in the USA: http://www.audiocubes.com/product_info.php?cPath=87&products_id=2974

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that's way expensive, getting them forwarded from Japan is more cost effective. 

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ok, followed this thread and decided to try Tenso (the forwarding service).

Not very pleased sofar when getting MP3 player and finding out that the shipping is 52 dollars


this is disgusting -- they should have listed these kinds of rules when people sign up




The above package contains a battery.
As per Japanese aviation laws, due to flamability risks, lithium ion batteries cannot be shipped via EMS.
However, packages containing lithium ion batteries can be sent via UPS.
We would like to request you to ask the vendor what type of battery the product contains and choose from the following options regarding what to do with your package:
1) Send the package to a domestic (Japanese) address (such as to a friend/family member's address)
The cost for domestic shipping will be the shipping fee (shipped via Sagawa Express) + a 500 yen handling fee.
2) Ship the package via UPS
If you wish to choose option 2, please provide us with the following information:
1. Whether you wish to purchase insurance or not, Yes/No (insurance costs 50 JPY per 11000 JPY of the package's value)
2. Total value of the package's contents
3. Name of the products in the package
The cost for shipping via UPS will be as follows:
490 JPY - Tenso.com Handling Fee
3525 JPY - UPS Shipping Fee
Total: 4015 JPY
*Please note that in the event that customs fees/duties are charged, the recipient will need to pay for said charges.
Packages delivered via UPS will arrive within 4 business days of shipment from our warehouse (not including Saturdays, Sundays and holidays).


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Originally Posted by platform View Post

this new kenwood has new WM8904 wolfson





class w amplifier.


I placed an order -- will post back results.  I needed bluetooth for my setup.



WOW! Does this mean it powers big headphones like Denon AH-D5000 without a portable amp, or is it a feature of low power consumption? I'm so looking forward to your thoughts and review :)




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According to that site it only plays AAC, WMA, MP3, and WAV. No FLAC? No Ogg?

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I finally got it.

My suggestion is to get it for 229 from audiocubes

rather than through tenso and pay 60-70 bucks for shipping..



It sounds very very good. I used audio techica mdh 50.


I have not compared it to sansa fuze (or fuze +)  yet, but appears that the sound has quite a bit more stage especially for the lows and mid.


It does not make bad recording to sound better. Which is how I prefer it.


It also appears to have a lot more 'differential'  within the lows.  In other words, you hear roll-downs in the sound a lot more vividly



Bluetooth works with my JBL/motorola speaker.  When bluetooth is on -- the volume bar is disabled.

Sound is very good from there as well.


I have downloaded June firmware from the kenwood.jp website and applied -- still only MP3 format.


I have not measured battery life -- but nothing negative to notice.


Transfer speed time from laptop to the device via USB is 1.5-3.5 mb per second.


I do not see support for playlists or rating (but it has favorites).


boot up time is about out 20 seconds.


Navigation is Ok, but when you use 'folders' mode -- the device does not go into the track currently playing the folder.


I like the dedicated controls (I do not like the fuze+ or others touch screen stuff)


The player is physically thicker and larger than sansa fuze by quite a bit (I would say 40% thicker and 30% longer).


16GB transflash recognized with no problems.


Photo viewing is slow and  apparently hangs the player unusable -- so a reboot is needed (I have tried just once though).


There is no fm radio.


When listening on the loudest setting -- no  apparent distortion in the sound, good power but still very clean.


Looks like a pure player with very high quality sound output.














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Had 20 minutes of compare 320bps pop music

between the kenwood and sansa fuze+.


1) Kenwood's eq is very 'light' compared to sansa's.  Very little difference between pop/rock/bass/etc.  Voice perhaps the largest diff.


2) I had to put sansa fuze + on 'Normal' eq -- and Kenwood on Pop or Bass to match the coloration of the sound.  Sansa had much much more color added


3) Sansa is about 2 bars louder than Kenwood on the max.   in other words -- if you remove last two bars from sansa -- you will get how loud kenwood is.


4) Kenwood to my ear sounds cleaner (bass and voice are not 'mixed up' as much as on Sansa)


5) Voice and acoustics sound better on kenwood, while pop/digital music has more 'pop' so to speak on Sansa.



If you like voice/acoustic I think Kenwood sounds better, for generated music that does not have much 'differential' and tonality  -- I think Sansa fuze + is great.


of course if bluetooth is something that you need -- then kenwood.








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Sounds good...this may be what I am looking for. Any idea wether I can get one in europe without importing? 

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You can try Bluetin.com. I have emailed them and asked if they do it, i am still waiting for their reply:)

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Wow..... these seem to measure pretty darn well. 


0.5 output impedance, lowest I've seen on a DAP. The reviewer did seem to mention that the UI sucks though, shame. 

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