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Closed Headphones Choice

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Hey Everybody. The time has come for me to choose another set of cans for myself. I am looking for a set that can be driven straight from my iphone / ipad. I want to use these cans for when I am lying in bed and or when I am out and about do my daily shopping for the usual bread and milk I do want really good sound quality. So I have been doing A LOT of research on head-fi and some other sites. I initially really wanted to get B&W P5’s, I think they look super smart and I am a fan of B&W speakers as I own a couple sets. I use the B&W 685’s in my room and I love their sound signature as it works well across the genres of music. However it seems like the sound quality is not up to par and I have read far more cons than pro’s on the P5’s. So my needs are a small closed headphone, like the P5 and I have nailed it down to these three. HD 25-1 ii or DT 1350 or HFI-780. Now I know the hfi-780 are not really portable, but I have always wanted to try them. My genres of music can vary. But I do listen to metal /hard rock/punk/prog quit  a bit. I listen to music that has energy, but also music that is nice and moody. So which one would suite me. I have been sort of leaning towards the HD 25-1 ii but after watching Jude’s video review on the HD 25-1 ii vs DT 1350 I am not sure. It almost feels like the DT 1350 might be right too. I current own Grado’s SR 225 and Sennheiser HD 555 and some koss ksc75.

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Yeah, Senn HD25-1 ii are good. I'd be scared of the build, but if you treat your headphones like children, you'd treat them well.


I use Grado as portable and I love them. But, that's me.



Check out phiaton headphones. They are very nice as portable

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Get a used HD25 and never look back. They're build like a tank, btw. A light, wobbly and very deceptive tank :)

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Get a used HD25 and never look back. They're build like a tank, btw. A light, wobbly and very deceptive tank :)

All, ok, most Senn are that way. They are made more flexable then anything else, so nothing breaks. 

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