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Can't PM

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HI, I registered for the site on the weekend, but can't send any PM - get error saying I've already sent my daily allotment (of 2).I have never sent any PM since I registered, always get this error.


Any idea?



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I have the same problem. My guess is it's linked to our post count (i.e we're too new to be allowed to PM), but it should say that instead of that we've sent our allotted 2.

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I also cannot PM. I do not post on here as I prefer to just read, but want to buy something from a member. I've been registered for years but now can't PM. Says I have sent my daily allotment but I've not sent any!

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I just tried again, and it seems to have worked!Th


Thanks to anyone who might have fixed it for me :)

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I'm having same problem. Solution?

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Same here, all I want to do is buy something ;)

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