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I liked the D2000 initially, but after extended listening the midrange hole bothered me.  I ended up selling them.  Depending on your music, you may find it bothersome too, or you might never notice it and love them to death as others do.


Incidentally, the DT660 got some love recently, I'd give these inexpensive 'phones some consideration: http://www.head-fi.org/forum/thread/559542/i-truly-believe-these-are-one-of-the-best-classical-music-headphones-i-ve-ever-heard

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Originally Posted by richardstarky View Post

As I don't have an amp right now, I just plug my headphones straight into my ipod (lame, I know). I listen to different kinds of music (mostly rock, I guess), so I was looking for a headphone that responds well to all genres. Currently, I have a pair of Grado sr80i's.


That's not lame, there is nothing wrong with it. Shure 940 or 840 is the other thing i would recommend. However I think Sennheiser Charge the HD25 a bit too much. 

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Originally Posted by DrHouse View Post

There are denon build issues though...

really? well i do feel that theyre somewhat flimsy compared to other brands like sennheiser, audio technica, akg idont know maybe its jus me :P

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ultrasone pro 900

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Shure 940. My new favorite can.

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@ Pratt


OT, but have to say I love your Roll the Bones lego picture.

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Fischer Audio FA-003. Fantastic isolation and a very transparent sound.

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