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I got an LCD-2 cable from Steve.  The cable is of top notch quality, and as others have said, it makes a huge difference over the stock cable.  It just takes the LCD-2's clarity to another level.  Steve went out of his way to make sure I got the cable before I left for a trip, so it would not have to sit outside the cold for 4 days.  Great product + great service = great company.  I highly recommend checking out these cables!

They really add a dimension in clarity over the stock cable.

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Been listening to mine about a week now. Love them. Customer service is definately second to none.


Great job Steve!

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They are excellent on the LCD-2 and the LCD-3.  I've tried them extensively now on both models.

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I purchased black Q-Audio Black Magic cables for my Audeze LCD-2, and they are excellent comfort-wise, which is what I bought them for. Keep up the good work Steve!

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I received my black Q-Audio cables for my HE-500's after a fiasco with the USPS and some great support from Steve. The cables add a level of luxury to the whole listening experience- the look, comfort and feel of the Q-Audio cable is far superior to the slinky, kink prone, microphonic cable that came stock with my HE-500's. The HE-500's with the Q-Audio cable sound very smooth and maybe it's my perception but vocals sound more relaxed and natural. (it could be that I am more relaxed with the new cablesmily_headphones1.gif) Bass is still well defined and deep and the overall improvements make this cable a great addition. This should be the standard cable for the HE-500, for $700, they deserve a quality cable.


Thanks again Steve

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I have a Q-Audio Interconnect and what is excellent is


 - the service

 - the build quality

- it is so flexible which is what I needed for a very short run.



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Another happy customer here. Bought the Litz cable to my HifiMans and the Audezes. 2 ea unbalanced and 1 ea balanced with adapter. Thumbs up for speedy service. :)


And yeah - tha cable is almost wireless...

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I just took delivery of the Q Cables today just hooked them up to my LCD2Rev2.  I won't comment on sound as its too early and to be honest even my LCD are only a week old so Im not that used to their sound.

but as soon as placed the order it was no time at all before I got a USPS email it was sent priority mail and I got it 2 days despite Q Cables being on the west coast and me being in NJ.  I was so pleasantly surprised cause the site said it takes 6-10 business days. 

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I would like to add to the list of good things said about Steve. He is very nice, and crazy fast at getting back to you. He is not a fan of problems, and makes it his business to fix them. He prides himself on making his customers happy. I had a 2.5m cable terminated in a miniXLR for my LCD-2/3. I sold it along with my LCD-3. I never did a direct comparison between his cable and the stock one. Honestly I would have used it if it had been worse. It was that comfortable. Of course I didn't have to worry about its sound quality because I have not read a bad thing written about it.

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I just received my Q cable today for my LCD-3.  I have never really been a believer in after market headphone cables and have been happily using the stock cable for many months.  This thread caught my attention, and I thought the price point of the Q Cable for LCD2/3 made it a path worth persuing. 


Wow.  Ergonomics, such a vast improvement.  But I will chime in and say the sound quality improvement is dramatic and obvious out of the box.  Clarity/ impact/bass detail significantly improved.  Thanks to all here, didnt know what I was missing.

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Received my Q cable for LCD2 from Steve, everything in perfect!


Steve Thank you so much!

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I ordered a cable for my HE-500s last week, looking forward to getting them after reading so many good things from everyone, and I do mean everyone. 

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Another happy Q customer from Europe here. Bought the cable for the LCD-2 and love it. Looks very stylish and of high quality. I love Planet Earth, but in case you also would build HD-800 cables, please supply those in some silver outer space colors because HD-800 is not from

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Build time (requested a vintage Rean 1/4 plug) and postage to Australia was very speedy.  Great build, and very ergonomic cable.  Highly recommended for those looking for a flexible, lightweight, well finished, aesthetic replacement Audeze cable.

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I received my cable for my HE-500s today. I think the only thing better than the quality of the cable is the quality of Steve's customer service. Both are top notch. Try them, you will not be disappointed!
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