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Headphone PLUS subwoofer (together)

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I tried this:

ARCAM CD with 2 outputs,
*one connected to GSAUDIO SOLO headamp > HD 650,
*second output connected to a REL ACTIVE SUBWOOFER,
and listening to them at the same time (after mixing the separated volumes).

Because you don't use mid and highs via speakers (versus "normal" speaker) but only the bass, you don't have disturbing delays with the mids and highs of the (open) headphone.

But what you get is the PHYSICAL IMPACT (slam) of the bass. Actually you don't hear it, but you can feel it.

That's what I always missed when listening with headphones (only).

Anyone tried that setup ?

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I found out that Tortie tried it already.
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Hmmm, never tried it. I bet disconnecting my PM4.1's and leaving the sub would sound good. The thing's crossover is really low, should sound cool. I've gotta try it! Grados are definitely open enough.
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I've always found that it was slow, whether using my cambridge subwoofer or my hsu research subwoofer.
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Visceral bass is great, but I don't miss it at all, and in most of the listening I do, it's nonexistent - chamber music and solo violin aren't as focused on the lows as on the mids.

However, I do think the headphone/subwoofer combo is great for those who manage to perfect it.

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I just tried this trick with my PM4.1's. After a bunch of rewiring, I left my PM4.1 sub connected (disconnected satts) with my headphones on the rear channel. The result? I like it! The PM4.1 sub isn't nearly as accurate or tight as my SR-80's bass, but it adds considerable punch and power to basically everything. Turning off the sub is like turning off the bass. I'm basically amplifying the low-low end, and it sounds pretty cool! I love the bass now. They actually work well together. Too bad, there's too much wiring and stuff involved to use it on and off when I want to, so I'll return things to normal, but man, it's be great to have this "bass boost" button on some recordings. Makes Michael Jackson's stuff more exciting.
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Super old thread... but I just gave this a try with my Sennheiser HD 650 + SVS Sub. It's an interesting affect... but considering the girth of the sub and the time it takes to setup and move... definitely not worth the hassle... Lol

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Actually I am already tried it with a Creative T3 Gigaworks subwoofer with a CLOSED can XPT100(clone of FA003) connected to a SoundBlaster ZXR. This can is very bass shy but has great mids clarity and timbre. I also did add in a equalizer to boost the bass just a little. I also set up the DSP in foobar to change all my songs to binaural.




I like it. I like it better than listening to my Old Denon D5000 on certain tracks such as "Rolling in the Deep" by Adele. It gives you a fuller bodied sound combined with the clarity of the headphone. The extra bass from the subwoofer does not affect the mids or treble while listening in anyway, it does not even affect the bass resolution in your headphone if you set it right.


So, if you are using a PC to listen to music and already have a speaker system in place, you should try it since there is very little hassle involved and it somehow improved the listening experience. 

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