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I am new on head fi
not a big audiophile and don't have that kind of knowledge
could you guys suggest me a good pair of headphones for everyday use??
I had ath-m50 in mind,other suggestions are also welcomed
budget is around 200$/800aed
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Does anyone know where I can get the Brainwavz m2 or the Hippo VB In-Ear Headphones in UAE?

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Yes I did see 2 people selling used ones on Dubizzle....but I was looking for new ones..... Any idea where I can find the Sony MH1C in UAE ?
Thanks anyways smily_headphones1.gif
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JUMBO Electronics is the biggest SONY Dealer here.  Call or check out branch near you. I guess you can ask them to check other branches if they have the model you wish.

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Originally Posted by ossiebt View Post

Does anyone know where I can get the Brainwavz m2 or the Hippo VB In-Ear Headphones in UAE?
Check on dubizzle, I think someone was selling them for cheap smily_headphones1.gif
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okay, Thanks guys :)
Yeah checked dubizzle (used only).

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Actually those are my items, it still available.

Just PM me for a good deal.

almost 1 month usage only...

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Hey guys,

Am selling two very nice amps and will give preference to local buyers.

Here's the first one :

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This thread needs to be bumped.

For those interested, Dubai Audio is selling ALO stuff.

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Recently bought Beyer T90's from AVL Electronics, they are located near Al Ghuriar Mall. Got a good deal (lower than Amazon rates). They are authorised Beyer distributors.

Burning them in & waiting for my Woo WA6 to arrive.

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I'm in Saudi. Any philes in Bahrain? Anyone looking for some gear I have Zodiac Gold (runs 90v-240).

Also, looking for any PTP Lenco Solid9 owners in area.
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Any audiophiles in Kuwait? Or am I the only one in the country biggrin.gif
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