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I bought Viva Egoistaas tube amp + Hugo dac with my hd 800, beyer T1 I can't describe the sound it's not the same headphones : rich ,full sound , very huge soundstage, crazy vocals it like real.

I'm about to sell both hd 800 and T1 and keep 009 and lcd 3 but now no way , I'm very happy .
but with hugo dac you will prefer philips X1 : very good bass,detail, big soundstage but not like T1 and hd 800 but still big .


Gah! Is there a local dealer for the beyerdynamic T1 D:?

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I bought beyer T1 from ebay with about 650 $ new.

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Hi guys, i would like to offer our humble Sound+Design showroom for the meet up here in Abu dhabi.


Kindly  keep me updated and what are the things to prepare for this.


Please send me a PM if there is a audio meet in AUH :D

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