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Recently upgraded from Cowon J3 and Fiio e6 to Fiio X5 and e12. Still rocking the FXZ200...sounds phenomenal. If anyone is interested, Eros is the authorized dealer in the UAE for Fiio products. Got the X5 from Virgin though

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Originally Posted by doctorcilantro View Post

PS Audio NPC Phono Converter (DSD ADC and Phono)



Shipping from Saudi.


Really solid sounding unit with many impedance matching options. You can also record DSD128 over USB using VinylStudio (I'll throw in a copy for you).

The unit had a bad relay that caused it to output mono.


It has been repaired by PS Audio, and it is like new! I will transfer the warranty which expires in November, but I will ask PS Audio to extend since I could not use the unit during months of troubleshooting.


Asking $1350 shipped

Will do $1200 shipped to ME. A steal for a like new unit!

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Would like to sell my audeze lcd2.2 so to upgrade to lcd3
Come with everything in The luxury box, no scratch at all
And Aftermarket silver plated cable
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Hey guys, does anyone here have any headphone stands they'd be willing to sell? My DT 880's keep getting scratched up, as I have nowhere to keep them. Also, if anyone is selling a DAC, headphones, or tubes, please let me know guys.


Happy Listening!

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Hey man, how much are you giving them away for?

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Anyone want to take my Shure SE 210 off my hands? I bought it a while ago but have no need for it. I have the carry case and all the buds. Photos on request. It's hardly used and in great condition, I'll take any reasonable offer. Buyer collects :)


I also have a pair of Grado SR 125's. Again I've had them a long time but not really used that much. The ear pads need replacing otherwise it's in great condition.


Any reasonable offers accepted for both. PM me.

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Hey guys, I'm selling my little dot MK IV SE amplifier and my DT 880 pro headphones, if anyone is interested pm me with offers please, I could also post pictures if you'd like, selling these because I have to leave for college.
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