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New at head-fi, was wondering what shops to go to in dubai and abu dhabi where I am currently working.

I have been to sound design and was hoping to go to other shops as well.

Thanks for the help and any1 selling there old rigs in a steal price please inform me I might consider.

thanks again..
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Dubai Audio is the best, and it has a branch in Abu Dhabi as well

 then there is

NMK Electronics that has shure dynaudio and some other proffessiona l equipment, and may replacement items and they are very helpful and friendly and honest

Avstores with Adam and other studio master equipment

Audissey has very good stuff in Dubai but they are very unfriendly

In Dubai mall and mall of emirates you can find some other shop as well

My preference goes to DubaiAudio!

you can find very good bargain on dubizzle too


enjoy the desert!




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^This thanks..
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Go to for sale/trade forum there is lot of gears there you can get for a steal price.
Enjoy the climate!smily_headphones1.gif
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Hey guys,


Any idea where I can find Fidelio X1 or AKG K712, mainly the X1?


I can't seem to find it anywhere.

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Are they even reliable?


I've also asked Virgin. They either have the M1 or L1, but not the X1.

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