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i will buy it again once i am done reviewing my wish list xD


i though this one will be the last!! but the list keep getting bigger :O

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Hey guys,
I got a new Hifiman Hm-901U with 3 differents amp cards. Love it with my CIEM, and Audeze Sine. But its seem sound to thin with the Sennheiser HD800... I think i need a bigger amp to drive them. I move a lot, so portable gear is the only option for me.

I will have to sell the HD800, if anyone is interested wink.gif

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Originally Posted by Shini44 View Post

they are so good what are you talking about

i am going for Utopia for Car and Monitors then Speakers one day

need to review all xD

Focal = the best biggrin.gif 

Official Focal website says their product are not available in UAE.
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Originally Posted by forestitalia View Post

Official Focal website says their product are not available in UAE.

i get my Focal Gear from Samma3a, contact iyad or mazen if you want gear to be ordered :D


i got my Focal Utopia from them too. 

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i got me SE846 + Toxic Cable Hydra 18, their latest epic cable. bought it to enjoy with DAVE, yes not for portable xD



Sadly i am not able to use them as i expected... because DAVE is too much for them, they are too sensitive for DAVE :(:(:(


so my only option is to buy a DAP -.-'' and this way it will be portable setup... in a room xD


so i am going to Sell them :<  sadly DAVE isn't like Hugo/Mojo or Hugo TT when it comes to driving IEMs.... T_T


so yeh as usual a good deal for what will be your best IEM + Best cable for these. PM if you are interested, because i don't have Mojo + DAP to enjoy these :' )


comes with free (NEW and Fresh (un-used)) 5 Pairs INΛIRS AIR3 (S) Earphone Tips.



which is with Aramex's Shop&Ship for now :' ) i didn't get to enjoy them T_T

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:L3000: Happy new year to everybody :beerchug:





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I'm selling my Stax system just to change to different stuff.


Earphones SR-L700 like new, from a shop in England still warrant.

Amplifier srm-006ts  perfect, with Rca clear Top, no warranty.

No boxes.


$1500, د.إ5500



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so yeh after thinking for sometime i decided to Sell DAVE, going for a car setup as i tend to drive from RAK to AD and AD to RAK every weekend, so i want to ease the driving experience


as for home setup i will re-build that from scratch once i move to a new place. ofc i will buy DAVE again XD




as usual a good deal, for more info about DAVE feel free to check my review:



sadly i can't fund the new stuff unless i sell DAVE, didn't want to sell it, its hands down the best DAC/AMP i ever had T_T


still you know how much full Focal Utopia Car setup cost xD even more than DAVE if i went with higher end models O-o''


so yeh claim the chance to have the world best DAC/AMP for Shini's usual deals!! :evil::evil::evil::evil::evil: PM me if you are interested :beerchug:


its so musical yet so fun in the same time, and more forgiving than other high end rigs <3

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I think you are making another mistake habibi
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Originally Posted by montanari View Post

I think you are making another mistake habibi

 i will buy DAVE again later when i move out xD which is not any time soon :' )

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Edit: SOLD



Selling my 1 year old Vali 2 with used stock tube + additional brand new stock tube still in box for 600 dhs. I can drive it up to you, Dubai only. PM me!

Box and 230v UK wallwart included.




Selling because I've downsized to a portable amp (fulla2), which fits my needs better right now :)

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My new old source (nos)
And the tail

Sound amazing
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Like i said before i got HIFIMAN hm-901U, so i've try a HD800 with it, and its not a really good match... So i sold the HD800.

Now, i'm going to have a JH audio Roxanne customs. The HIFIMAN is a really good sounding player, but the battery life is only 8 hours... + i can't charge via USB. That's  going to be a problem for me, since a travel a lot...


SO for sell, HM901U with 3 amp cards. Balanced,Minibox and Musical box..


Im planning to get the AK300... will see if it satisfied me more ...



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Should I murder my roommate or sell my he560  -__- 


If anyone is interested HE560 2200 AED 


iCan SE - 999AED 


Exchanges possible with closed back planars :) 

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