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Good day guys,

Just wanted to share my latest investment.

Just received my set of JVC Fxz200 in ears. Wow, what a stunning set of buds. They sound absolutely phenomenal out of the box, but, if they're anything like my previous JVC FX1X buds, after around 50 hours of burn in, they should sound even better.

I do some altcoin mining (dogecoin) on my pc (with an R9 270X and i5-4570 if anyone is curious), and finally had enough coins to trade for a few Amazon gift cards. So these buds didn't really cost me anything lol (took me 4 months to get all 360k coins :-D ). $195 for them incl shipping to the States from Japan, and Dhs. 43 to have Aramex deliver them to me. Great value, couldn't be happier.
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you could ship them directly to UAE man :P , shipping them twice will cost more, and will make you wait


when they ship to UAE just give them po box and some address, empost or EMS will take care of the rest, all what you could have done is calling central ems or central empost and track with them ^^ 

do this next time XD i did the same mistake before no worries, was only "aramex" kind of guy. 

also gratz on the new iem ^^ 

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Actually, when I put in my address on the Amazon site, it said it couldn't send it to here, so had to use my Aramex address. I guess it's because it comes from Japan. I also couldn't get it directly from Amazon Japan as my gift cards are only valid for
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Can you please explain me the procedure?
Even by pm
I would like to re-buy grado and I found good price on amazon but as you said it doesn't ship to UAE..
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Head to and open up an account. If I remember correctly it's around $45 to open the account. Once that's setup you will be given an address in New York. Then just use that address on Amazon.

Shipping rates are dhs43 for the first 0.5kg and dhs34 for each additional 0.5kg (per shipment)
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Please be reminded though that some sellers (depending on their location) will add tax to the final cost of your item when shipping to a New York address. BTW, I am using shop and ship service too for many years now.

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The tax usually isn't much, and is shown in the final price. But if you order something over the value of dhs1000 there's a 5% import tax along with a processing and documentation fee
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