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are you kidding me, my Fiio x3 is on the way, should`ve posted t his like one week ago, would`ve bought it from you, but anyway, how does it sound ?? what are you pairing it with and why are you selling it?smile_phones.gif
Its bn replace by Ak120 titan..i like the x3 for its bass,
whenever i want to listen to disco/rnb i always grab the x3 paired with ba200 or custom one pro.but for other kind of genre i always use the titan..smily_headphones1.gif
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the adk120 is like 7x the price of the x3, the fact that you still listen to the x3 after this only means its a very capable audio player, tell me how much better sound quality are u getting after going with the ak120 ?

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Yeah!! it realy is a very capable player you will be surprise that fiio selling it like 700aed..i didnt like the ak120 amp,unlike the x3 its a complete package..dac to dac ak120 is on different level specialy when playing highres pairing my titan with c5 for now,just to add some bass on the music..smily_headphones1.gif
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Without an amp i didnt like the sound on the titan,the detail was there but to my ears something is missing...i always pair it with my c5..
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thanks for the input, this was really helpful and made me more assured about my purchase of the x3, like u the major selling point of the x3 is it`s amp. I will sure pm u when I come back to sharjah so I can see the sound difference, I still can`t believe that there are audiophiles in UAE, please update your signatures so we can have an idea on what gear you have :) 

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Im not considering myself an audiophile,i just love tend to enjoy music than anlyzing in iraq right now il be back to uae on 24..smily_headphones1.gif
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lool we`re both out of the country, whats the point of buying expensive portable gear we don`t travel, I`ll probably be back in may :) 

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FiiO X3 Music player is available in Souq for 650 AED.

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lool we`re both out of the country, whats the point of buying expensive portable gear we don`t travel, I`ll probably be back in may smily_headphones1.gif 
Exactly!thats the reason im more interested on in ear monitors than full size headphone.but il start investing on desktop rig,im giving time for my wallet to breath after purchasing the titan...smily_headphones1.gif
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desktop rigs are another league completely, full size headphones have an amazing soundstage, I am a pc gamer and it really makes a difference in immersion, and you don`t have to spend much to get a great sound, all my desktop gear costs around 800$ creative titanium HD + Schiit asgard 2 + denon ah-d5000, and I want to have close to the same sound quality while I`m on the go :) 

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Centrance Hifi-M8 seems to be a good portable (albeit big) DAC/Amp which is probably close to the desktop equivalent. It is unfortunate that there is no stock of this unit almost everywhere. I am still waiting for my order to be delivered. :(

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Hi selling my beloved pico power since i don't need portable rig , mint condition and comes with:

1x HITECH Bank 9 Volt Battery Charger and power adapter.

4x HITECH Rechargeable 9 Volt Lithium Polymer Batteries.


these last for 70-80 hours, charging the pair takes up to 8 hours in case it was dead ofc, charging the other pair after switching will allow you to enjoy this amp 24/7 on the run ^^ 


bought these from:


note the charger doesn't belong to Pico Power accessories, i bought it with the batteries for 90$, offering them here for free ^^


the shipping is free using DHL, 1 day express in UAE. 


price is 450$ yet the paypal's fees are needed. 


Note: no trades. 








and btw the WA7 is already sold, in case there was someone was planing to get it :P

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got my fireflies today!thanks shin..smily_headphones1.gif
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got my fireflies today!thanks shin..smily_headphones1.gif

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np man :P 

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