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How many pairs of headphones do you think someone would need? And what purpose does each pair hold?

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i only have 2, thinking of getting one more

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Personally, I need 1 good iem for sleeping, working out, traveling, and 1 full size cans for my desktop setup. Of course, I want a lot more wink.gif



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2; one IEM for portable use and 1 full-size for home use. Personally, the only reason why I would want more than two is just to try different headphones, but they are not permanent residents.

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As of right now I have 2 full sized and also 2 customs and 1 iem. I have one main pair and the other to serve as a backup for both my rigs. The iem is used for watching videos only and not music.
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As many as you can manage.


I have different phones for different musics/purposes. I like a certain style and sound for movies and games. I have a pair just for electronica and bass type stuff. Another pair for things that involve more treble and vocals. I like having different pairs just to change the sound a bit and have a different feel on my head. I like to look at them. And I like having extras to loan to someone interested in trying/comparing, or just having people test them out. More the merrier! But my collection only has cloth-pad headphones. Kind of weird like that!


Very best,

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The amount of headphones you need is always just one more than you already have.

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For me, I'd like to have 3. An open can, for home listening when there's no one around to annoy. A closed can, for a transportable rig or when there are a lot of people around me and I want to keep the music quiet, and an IEM, for on-the-go listening and maximum isolation. Though I can really be happy with just a nice closed can most of the time.

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I have 1 pair of IEMs, 1 pair of closed 'portable' over-ears and 1 pair of open home listening over-ears which are in regular use at the moment.


I use the IEMs when on the move, I use the closed over-ears at the office and when on holiday, etc., and the open headphones stay at home - they're my best headphones.


I can't see myself ever having more than this as I'm not really interested in having multiple headphones for different genres, etc. - though I can understand why people do this.

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I have four for now. That's subjest to change at any moment. :)

I think having an open can, a closed can and an IEM should be a complete package. Plus amps, sources and DACs. ;)

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I only need one pair of nice IEM's to do everything, but the seven I have planned is more fun.


A nice IEM for ultraportable situations, a beater IEM for mowing the lawn (I'd hate for something nice to somehow fall out and get shredded, which would totally happen to me), a portable headphone for a transportable rig (Z1000), a closed bassy headphone (XB1000), a liquid sounding headphone for jazz (W1000X), an open, airy headphone (SA5000), and a headphone good for rock and metal (either AD2000 or RS1). Maybe I'm crazy, but the whole set is only 1.5 times the price of an LCD-2 that I wouldn't be nearly as happy with. Different strokes.

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3 pairs is basically all I need, but I don't see a problem with owning more than that. If it's something you take seriously, and are willing to spend money on, then the more the merrier. 

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Why limit yourself to a number ? I 'd rather have as many cans as I can afford.  

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1 open, 1 closed.


So 2's probably enough.

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1 IEM/portable headphone - on the go

1 Full-size headphone - for home

1 crappy pair of earphones/IEM - for the gym



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I've got it down to about a dozen. Might sell off four or five pairs, but I'm not sure yet. I like having them around and they don't take up much space.

The speakers are a different matter. I think there are six pairs, though my parents have taken control of the AMTs and another pair doesn't have cabinets yet. Though I think that will work out. I should be into a house within a year and plan to deploy three or four systems. It'll be fun.
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