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My Budget List.

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Hey there Head-Fi, just starting out here. As a lot of people, I've recently wanted to start in audiophile quality. 
Just a few options on what I should pick as my first real headphones. Most of these are based on what I think it is, but lots of other people's opinions as well. 
If you have a different suggestion for me, please please feel free to post. Please keep all suggestions under $80 TOTAL. 
The less money spent the better. These will be used with a X-Fi XtremeGamer, and maybe a CMOY amp I might make for kicks.
My taste in music includes a lot of modern day pop, I love to watch movies, and I game quite often as well (positional audio I head is a great plus).
The list starts from what I'm leaning to most. Open is preferred, closed if necessary. Comfort is a must also.

1. Beyerdynamics DTX910 - $89 (I really want this cheaper)
The reasons I chose these because they were recommended a few times. I also heard they were alright for the price, and it looks comfortable as hell.

2. Beyerdynamics DTX710 - $69 
I chose this because it was the cheaper version of the DTX910. If anyone could please explain to me the differences it would be great. 

3. Used Sennheiser HD485 - $50
I heard it was like the HD555s except bassier.

4.JVV HA-RX700 - $40
Lots of great reviews for it, looks comfy, and looks like it sounds alright.

5. Used Sennheiser HD55 - ~$70
I've yet to find one I can get as they are hard to come by. Are they worth it over the DTX710s?

6. ATH-AD300 - $50
Since these are the baby brothers of the AD700 it might hold some value. I really want some information on this. 
I want to know the comfort, sound quality, positional audio, and how it holds against the others here.

That's it for now. Thanks for reading.

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Welcome to Head-Fi. Sorry you are not getting any advice. The beyerdynamic DTX models are for some reason not really talked about on Head-Fi. Would love to try them myself though, and would not hesitate to do so. Never met a beyer I didn't like, and always comfortable for me.


The JVC is much loved here, although I have never heard it.


How about the ATH-AD700? Gamers seem to love it, and there's a refurb on Amazon right now for $80.


Good luck.

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Thanks for the great help and I'll look into the ones you specified.
I am considering the AD700s but comfort is standing in the way. Thanks again!
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No problem. Most people find the AD700 very comfortable (although I didn't).

Any more advice for the OP, Head-Fi'ers?

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