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Incase getting into the headphone scene

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Those who use use the iPod/iPhone for portable music are probably aware of the Incase name who is popular for designing nice cases. I wonder if they will put as much effort/quality into the sound as much as they do aesthetically. Any thoughts?



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Incase Audio. - Incase Audio September 2011

The premiere Incase Audio line of headphones represents our continuing commitment to create an enhanced user experience, by providing mobile device users with a higher level of functionality, accurate sound and minimal design. This is embodied by our unique approach to design and engineering that we call Soundesign.

Incase Soundesign is a synthesis of precision sound engineering and minimal design, which produces headphones that sound and feel as great as they look. Our holistic approach to headphone development fuses custom design, advanced audio engineering and biomechanics together to work as one to achieve maximum performance.

Natural Sound
Incase custom-tuned audio drivers deliver natural sound that accurately reproduces the source audio, no matter what you're listening to. They are engineered to deliver a smooth and even response across the entire audio spectrum; they won't artificially flavor your music by boosting or dropping specific audio frequencies.

Minimal Design
The Incase design perspective creates a unique charisma that stands apart from other headphones. Hidden joints eliminate awkward bulges and maintains graceful curves for an exceptionally clean, minimalist look, while the soft-touch matte finish offers a subtle understated appearance.

Custom Fit
Incase headphones are custom designed to match the natural shape of your ears and head for better sound isolation, dramatically reducing unwanted external noise that can disrupt your listening. They also feature a wide range of adjustment for the perfect personal fit, while strategic use of memory foam reduces pressure points.


Incase Headphones September 2011

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Got a pair of Sonics. Couldn't be happier | http://www.head-fi.org/t/588289/incase-sonic#post_8021016

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